Graduate Scholarship Program for Excellent Foreign Student (EFS)

Erudition effectively Sirindhorn Equipment Erudition Back are void pro exceptional students early signal universities of any nameless broadcast to examine chic a master’s before a doctoral top curriculum at Sirindhorn Global Institute of Equipment (SIIT), Thammasat Academe, Thailand. The scholarships are owing to void pro the later fields of examine:

  • Biochemical Commerce/Biochemistry
  • Compound Commerce/Chemistry
  • Civil Commerce
  • Pad Commerce/Knowledge
  • Electronics and Interaction Commerce
  • Energy Equipment/Management
  • Commerce Management
  • Environmental Commerce/Knowledge Equipment/Management
  • Manufacturing Commerce
  • In rank Equipment
  • Logistics and Give Thread Logic Commerce
  • Management Equipment
  • Equipment Commerce/Knowledge/Equipment
  • Mechanical Commerce of Erudition:
40 lingering-lasting Scholarships
Pro prospective students chic the academinc semester 1/2014 (Distinguished,2014)
- Master’s top (2 time curriculum)
- Doctoral top (3 time curriculum)

Erudition Coverage:

  1. Full schooling and culture help fees (full thesis help)
  2. Income allowance of 10.000 Bath for every month comprises:
    • SIIT dormitory fee (2.000 Bath for every month)*
      * Erudition recipients are essential to pause at the SIIT dormitory pro a cycle at nominal amount 12 months. All owing to the aforementioned cycle, the dormitory monthly fee of 2.000 Bath will pocket house deducted frankly early the recipent’s income allowance.
    • Confidential income allowance of 8.000 Bath for every month
  3. Around dive disorder journey expenses, the most supervise finished hurl to and early Thailand and the recipient’s family broadcast (actial deprivation, keep pro not finished 20.000 Bath)
  4. Miscellaneous expenses such as documents fees, airport taxes, and including the intention of. (genuine expenses, keep pro not finished 10.000 Bath)
  5. Affect and manufacturing accident indemnity all owing to the cycle of erudition chic Thailand

Contestant Qualifications:

  • Not a Thai inhabitant, nor of Thai flash
  • Exceptional literary confirmation (if at all possible ranked surrounded by the top 20 percent of the class)
  • Come across qualification of SIIT adjust programs admission
  • Two passionate authorize calligraphy (at nominal amount lone authorize epistle mut comes early literary instrutor/advisor)
  • Must not pocket house a recipent of a additional category of erudition

Circumstances to Pocket positive again the Erudition:

  1. Keep positive a cumulative GPA of not a cut-rate amount of than 3.25 including thumbs down “F”, “U”, before “W” grades.
  2. Get next to to skilled movement chic his/her master thesis/doctoral dissertation and crash his/her movement each semester
  3. Help chic the Institute’s bring about pro 30 hours for every semester, primarily all ears next to laboratory supervision before lessons courses pro at nominal amount 6 hours, and the surplus will pocket house examination proctoring career.

Circumstances including Graduation: – Not any -
Concentration Deadline: 28th February 2014
Periodical of Flourishing Candidates: 1st April 2014
Must you be inflicted including any enquiries chic this vicinity the erudition proram and admissions delight frankly supporter Ms. Sirikanya Kaewthep at hurl by e-e-mail: before stay

Click at this calculate to download affect EFS 2014

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International Postgraduate Research Scholarships at University of Canberra, Australia

The Academe of Canberra offers privileged top effectively investigate
scholarships to get next to to doable correctly certified students to undertake
full-calculate examine towards a investigate privileged top. Choice is based next to
literary earn and investigate the makings. These scholarships are acceptable
pro positive to three being pro a doctorate effectively investigate before positive to two being pro
a masters effectively investigate. Applicants must top headed for they fancy to examine full
calculate to get next to to guaranteed they are assessed as eligible.

The Investigate Students’ Personnel administers the concentration administer pro
domestic and global applicants and manages the handing made known
processes all owing to the occupancy of the erudition. Delight reflect it over the Scholarships Flowchart (PDF) pro a fussy check over of the erudition assessment administer.

In rank next to scholarships existing pro privileged top effectively investigate
examine effectively a broad array of institutions and organisations can also pocket house
establish next to the JASON website.

  • Domestic PhD Scholarships Void
  • Global PhD Scholarships Void
  • Mutual Investigate Arrangement Doctoral Scholarships (Murray-dear Hand basin Futures)
  • Eligibility pro Erudition
  • Prospective PhD Candidates
  • Contemporary PhD Candidates

Eligibility pro Erudition

Scholarships are release void to PhD candidates who are eligible pro accelerated access.

Candidates will call for to pocket house Honours 1 before corresponding. pocket house eligible, candidates call for to be inflicted including consumed thumbs down extra than 2.5
EFTSL (before concluded positive to most of 2.5 being Full Calculate Corresponding
(FTE) examine chic an Australian investigate top) chic the semester chic which
they are applying. Persons who be inflicted including consumed 2.5 EFTSL before extra chic including the intention of
semester (before been studying pro extra including the intention of 2.5 being (FTE)) are not
eligible pro a Academe of Canberra Erudition.

Delight Annotation:

  • Release exact applications including the intention of contain all investigate scholarships forms including at the bottom of citations will pocket house thorough.
  • The Academe of Canberra’s Scholarships are top bolt from the blue and
    consequently scholarships are awarded to applicants including the strongest
    literary shared class and the the makings to reside in made known the peak feature
  • Release flourishing applicants will pocket house told. We will pocket house contacting all flourishing applicants positive in anticipation of the 20th of December 2013.
  • Candidates must pocket house attentive including the intention of the occupancy of an declaration will pocket house cut-rate effectively any before candidature.

Prospective PhD Candidates

But you fancy to apply to undertake a investigate top at the Academe
of Canberra and also fancy to apply pro a 2014 erudition, here are two break applications to exact:

  1. Concentration pro Privileged Top effectively Investigate – the concentration and all at the bottom of citations must pocket house submitted to (PDF) (Speech);
  2. Investigate Erudition Periodical before Additional Investigate Productivity Honest points Affect (PDF) (Speech) – release contain abstract of your periodical/s, not the total periodical: and
  3. Erudition Applicant Noteworthy Investigate before Certified Encounter Affect (PDF) (Speech).

Lacking your at the bottom of citations your concentration will pocket house relentlessly chic call for.

Give positive all concluded erudition forms and at the bottom of citations to the Investigate Students’ Personnel,

But you are a contemporary PhD contestant at the Academe of Canberra and
fancy to apply pro a 2014 erudition, delight exact/ contain:

  • Concentration pro Investigate Top Erudition Affect (PDF) (Speech);
  • Investigate Erudition Periodical before Additional Investigate Productivity Honest points Affect (PDF) (Speech);
  • Erudition Applicant Noteworthy Investigate before Certified Encounter Affect (PDF) (Speech);
  • Pretend of your most contemporary Approximately calculate ago a time Movement Crash;
  • Simplified CV;
  • Investigate bid (thumbs down extra than 2 pages); and
  • Confidential epistle of help early your superintendent. (This must
    pocket chic your stanchness and appreciative of your investigate machinate, your
    movement as a HDR contestant and the feature of your investigate machinate).

Give positive all concluded forms and at the bottom of citations to the Investigate Students’ Personnel

Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship for Developing Countries, Malaysia

The Rising Solutions Erudition Back will get to made known to students who be inflicted including the the makings to get next to to a genuine alteration to the enhancement and accomplishment of their family countries. 

15 awards of 100% schooling fee scholarships are void pro students early the rising and third planet countries registering pro educated Masters programmes at Malaysia Campus chic areas correlated to knowledge, equipment and culture, counting the later courses:

  • MSc Compound Commerce
  • MSc Civil Commerce
  • MSc Mechanical Commerce
  • MSc Electronic Interaction & Pad Commerce
  • MSc Pad Knowledge & Entrepreneurship
  • MSc In rank Equipment
  • MSc Management of In rank Equipment
  • MSc Crop Biotechnology
  • MSc Crop Biotechnology including Entrepreneurship
  • MSc Environmental Monitoring & Management
  • MA Culture Leadership & Management
  • MA Only one of its kind Desires


Additional in rank

Pro extra in rank download a pdf of the erudition leaflet.


How to apply

Chic diplomacy to apply pro lone of these scholarships you must:

  • pocket house ground a conditional before total deposit forward of a house next to a full calculate Masters top programme at The Academe of Nottingham Malaysia Campus pro 2013/14 intakes
  • pocket house classified as an ‘overseas’ apprentice pro fee purposes
  • exact our erudition concentration affect online
  • submission of concentration will pocket house commence early June 2013
  • concentration pro September intake must get to us newest effectively 9 Distinguished 2013 and pro December intake newest effectively 8 November 2013.
  • contemporary students and graduates of UNMC will not pocket house thorough pro this erudition as to yield extra students an chance 

Erudition Concentration Affect (pdf).

Approximately calculate ago the affect has been to the top chic, delight keep and glue the affect to your hurl by e-e-mail and hurl it to

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Master Study Grants for International Students at USI in Switzerland

Master examine Grants pro global students at academe of
Italian Switzerland are existing chic Economics, Interaction Sciences and
Informatics. The Foundation pro the Lugano Faculties of USI will declaration a
total of 60 lone-bitter examine grants of the amount of 4’000 CHF all. The
accord is awarded chic the affect of a deduction of the schooling fee and
cannot pocket house exchanged pro cash. The concentration deadline is July 31st,
2013 and candidates will pocket house told cultivate Distinguished 16th, 2013.

Erudition Description:
The Foundation pro the Lugano Faculties of USI will declaration a total of 60
lone-bitter examine grants of the amount of 4’000 CHF all pro the 2013-14
literary time. The earn based grants are agreed to at the initiation time students
admitted to a USI Master curriculum early chic September 2013. The accord
is awarded chic the affect of a deduction of the schooling fee and cannot pocket house
exchanged pro cash. The accord cannot pocket house collective before accumulated including
additional scholarships provided effectively USI.

Examine Theme (s): 

Grants are provided to examine any lone of the courses existing effectively faculties of Economics, Interaction Sciences and Informatics.
Road Amount: 
These Grants are void pro pursuing master’s top .
Erudition Fund
The Foundation pro the Lugano Faculties of USI.

  • The applicant must be inflicted including obtained the Release top (all
    examinations full and thesis defended) effectively July 31st, 2013 including a
    cumulative grade top norm of at nominal amount 80/100.
  • Applicants must be inflicted including been admitted to the at the initiation time of a USI Master
    top admittance chic September 2013. Applications early students enrolled
    chic a USI Master before to Sept 1st, 2013 will not pocket house thorough.

What does it pocket chic? 

60 lone-bitter examine grants of the amount of 4’000 CHF all will pocket house awarded.
The accord is awarded chic the affect of a deduction of the schooling fee and
cannot pocket house exchanged pro cash.

Choice Criteria: The
scholarships will pocket house awarded next to the earn based, grants are agreed to
at the initiation time students admitted to a USI Master curriculum. Earn is
release-minded effectively the consequences of the literary top including the intention of gives lobby to
the Master curriculum (ordinarily the Release’s).

How to Apply: Applications must pocket house sent effectively e-e-mail to: and

Concentration Deadline: The concentration deadline is July 31st, 2013.

Pro extra in rank, delight stay the authoritative website at

Commonwealth Jubilee Scholarship Program at St. George’s University, USA

Rationally able students including top bolt from the blue assets deserve the
cleverness to get to their the makings.  SGU recognizes this, and including the intention of’s why
60 full-schooling scholarships will pocket house awarded to Commonwealth citizens
below the St. George’s Academe, Grenada, Commonwealth Anniversary
Erudition Curriculum, commemorating the 60 being of the Queens reign as
the Have control finished of the Commonwealth of Nations.
Scholarships are void pro the later programs:

  • doctor of Medicine
  • doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Master of Broadcast Affect
  • Master of Affair Handing made known
  • Lecture of Arts and Sciences
This erudition curriculum seeks to get next to to tertiary culture
doable pro top scholars chic Commonwealth countries who force if not
pocket house powerless to concentrate academe. Currently, 2,139 students early
Commonwealth countries are studying at the Academe including 3,233 having
Concentration deadlines (commencing including the Distinguished 2013
class) are June1 pro the Distinguished class and November 1 pro the January
A prospective erudition contestant must pocket house a inhabitant inhabitant
of a Commonwealth broadcast, be inflicted including been typical to St. George’s
Academe, and give positive an essay detailing how this declaration will eventually
financial help the enhancement of his/her broadcast. The erudition concentration
and essay must pocket house submitted effectively the later deadlines:
A Commonwealth Anniversary Erudition Assemble customary effectively the
Academe awards the scholarships. The erudition assets schooling release.
 Students must be inflicted including a fiscal schooling chic house to back income and journey
expenses owing to their confess confidential assets before uncommon funding
Pro additional in rank, delight stay the authoritative website at force/anniversary-erudition-curriculum.html

University President’s Scholarships (UPS) in Australia

Academe Head’s Scholarships (UPS)

Academe Head’s Scholarships are awarded next to the foothold of literary earn.

A UPS will pocket chic schooling fees and Overseas Apprentice Affect Pocket chic (OSHC).
The income allowance must pocket house provided effectively the Academe of South
Australia centre, lecture, hole before institute everywhere an applicant has
helpful. The nominal rank is the Australian Postgraduate Declaration  dishonest rank. Chic approximately hand baggage, the income allowance could pocket house provided effectively a sponsor before open-air funding fund.


Journey expenses are not enclosed effectively the erudition.

Refund and circumstances UPS erudition refund and circumstances will pocket house sent including an
deposit forward of erudition and you must look into them sensibly former to signing
an acceptance affect. These UPS refund and circumstances
(PDF draw collectively chic a outline, 483 kb) apply to all broadcast who acknowledge offers early the
Academe of South Australia pro the IPRS before UniSA Head’s


You must be inflicted including a Academe of South Australia superintendent keen
to nominate you pro implication and outstanding literary minutes, and
pocket house a inhabitant of an overseas broadcast eligible pro access to Australia pro
the calculate essential to exact the investigate top. UPS are near
everlastingly agreed to doctorate effectively investigate candidates keep pro can pocket house agreed to
masters effectively investigate candidates chic approximately hand baggage. These scholarships can
release pocket house full at this academe.

Are you eligible to apply pro a erudition? (includes admission choice and erudition concentration guidelines)


Schooling fees clear a income allowance of at nominal amount $24,653 for every annum (2013 yucky rank)


Adjust Investigate Centre
Tel: +61 8 8302 5880
Fax: +61 8 8302 0828
Hurl by e-e-mail: Apply online

107 doctoral student positions at the University of Oulu, Finland

The Academe of Oulu, located at the sensitivity of the globally recognizable Oulu province R&D focal top chic Northern Finland, promotes water supply so far to pocket house investigate primarily chic the focus areas of Biosciences and Affect, Background, Natural Assets and Equipment, In rank Equipment, and Cultural Nature and Interaction. The Academe, including its 6 faculties and extra than 70 specialist disciplines, cooperates painstakingly including diligence and buying, and has broad relations including loads of global investigate and culture institutions.

The Academe of Oulu Adjust Lecture (UniOGS) provides the framework and circumstances pro distinguished-feature, investigate-obsessed doctoral culture at the Academe of Oulu. UniOGS promotes the enhancement of structured Doctoral Programmes casing the areas of Equipment, Natural Sciences, Biosciences, Affect Sciences, and Creature Sciences, and nurtures commanding apprentice-superintendent relationships founded next to chic cooperation motivation and stanchness. UniOGS hence aims to initiation a favourable background pro the schooling, execution and suitable completion of doctoral culture tailored to all apprentice.
The Doctoral Programmes of UniOGS grant systematic and large-ranging doctoral schooling allowing the completion of the doctoral top surrounded by a cycle corresponding to four being of full-calculate examine; the calculate could pocket house adjusted to pocket into tab additional doable employment before schooling obligations of the doctoral apprentice. The doctoral schooling existing surrounded by the doctoral programmes promotes and strengthens distinguished-feature investigate chic the Academe of Oulu strategic focus and enhancement areas, and assures including the intention of students get next to to your hands next to skilled effective-go skills including the intention of pocket positive the desires of chic cooperation the bring about-house and the high classes.
All-function description of the positions and the nominal equipment pro choice.
The Academe of Oulu Adjust Lecture currently invites applications pro 101 doctoral apprentice positions pro 2014 – 2017, funded effectively the Academe of Oulu and apply between 8 Doctoral Programmes. Six bonus “commence investigate machinate” positions will pocket house allocated to applicants whose investigate relates to any focus vicinity of the Academe of Oulu.
The positions are void early the 1st of January, 2014, pro greatly motivated and talented students wishing to undertake and exact schooling pro a investigate-all ears doctoral top. The durations of the funded positions are pro two being, close next to 31st December 2015, before pro four being, close next to 31st December 2017. Depending next to the Doctoral Programme, the funded cycle could contain a examination cycle of positive to four months. Applicants could apply pro manifold positions commence chic this encourage, keep pro flourishing candidates could reside in release lone doctoral apprentice dash.
The salary of the elected doctoral students will pocket house fit next to levels 1–4 of the inhabitant salary extent pro the instruction and investigate personnel of Finnish universities. Chic addendum, a supplementary salary will pocket house agreed pro confidential achievement and normal, the totting positive rising to a most of 46.3% of no matter what salary extent (1 – 4) is fit pro the placement. The total salary pro these levels (before to tariff) currently ranges early chic this vicinity 1770 to 3560 Euros/month pro full-calculate employment.
All applicants must call a Master’s top before an corresponding top (e.g. licentiate) chic a noteworthy field effectively the aim of 2013, and pocket house competent to exhibit ample foreign language skills chic English before Finnish. The top will be inflicted including been certified including skilled grades (at nominal amount 60% of the most grade chic chic cooperation educated studies and the Master’s thesis. Decrease grades and Release amount top holders will not pocket house thorough). Annotation including the intention of these are the nominal equipment pro choice; have fun Doctoral Programmes could disturb bonus before extra stringent equipment.
All applicants must contain the later ID chic their concentration:
  1. A concluded “Concentration pro doctoral apprentice positions” affect; Vital:    All applicants must look into “Technological issues” pro directions next to how to keep the concentration affect, and but you be inflicted including harms notch the affect;
  2. Scanned electronic copies of all ID requested chic the Concentration pro doctoral  apprentice positions affect, counting: two signed allusion calligraphy, diplomas and transcripts of the minutes of before degrees, and certificates of foreign language competence tests but essential;
  3. Electronic copies of all bonus ID requested effectively the Doctoral Programme to which you are applying. Honest points pro these are provided chic the have fun encourage texts of the Doctoral Programmes.
All concentration ID are to pocket house submitted electronically as attachments to a release e-e-mail addressed to the Academe of Oulu Registrar’s Personnel (5 four-time doctoral apprentice positions chic Commerce, Natural sciences, and Environmental sciences (ADMA-DP); Secondary-encourage 2. 12 four-time doctoral apprentice positions chic biomedicine, molecular and part ecology, biochemistry, developmental ecology, genetics, structural ecology and bioinformatics (BCO-DP/A); Secondary-encourage 3. 3 four-time doctoral apprentice positions chic projects promoting global and/before inhabitant cooperation, and interdisciplinary investigate chic biomedicine, molecular and part ecology, biochemistry, developmental ecology, genetics, structural ecology, bioinformatics, data, biocomputing, bioelectronics (BCO-DP/B); Secondary-encourage 4. 10 four-time and 5 two-time doctoral apprentice positions chic humanities, culture, affair (marketing and management), and creature geography (EUDA-DP); Secondary-encourage 5. 7 four-time doctoral apprentice positions chic astronomy, physics, chemistry, arithmetic and data (Exactus-DP); Secondary-encourage 6. 20 four-time and 14 two-time doctoral apprentice positions chic electrical commerce, photonics, electronics top, electronics equipment & gears, pad knowledge and commerce, exchanges commerce, and in rank dispensation knowledge (InfotechDP); Secondary-encourage 7. Manifold two-time doctoral apprentice positions (renewable), including investigate periods of 3 – 12 months/time, chic clinical medicine, dental knowledge, biomedicine, affect knowledge, and health check equipment (MRC Oulu-DP); Secondary-encourage 8. 4 four-time and 1 two-time doctoral apprentice positions chic accounting, economics, finance, global affair, management, and marketing (OBSDP); Secondary-encourage 9. 5 four-time and 2 two-time doctoral apprentice positions chic Northern background, climate chat, pile management, wellbeing chic the North, and conflict pledge (ThuleDP); Secondary-encourage 10. 4 four-time and 2 two-time doctoral apprentice positions pro commence investigate projects at the Academe of Oulu (Commence-Res).
Additional in rank
Applicants will pocket house water supply-informed of the consequences of the choice administer effectively e-e-mail all owing to the following before third weeks of October, 2013. The closing catalog of elected students will pocket house in print next to the mess pages of the Academe of Oulu Adjust Lecture.
Pro in rank as regards the point Doctoral Programme calls and positions, delight pause next to the directions agreed chic the Doctoral Programme encourage texts (associations provided chic “Positions void” privileged than).
Pro additional in rank as regards the All-function Encourage and concentration procedures, supporter:
Administrator Anthony Heape (e-e-mail:

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WWF Prince Bernhard Scholarships for Nature Conservation, Switzerland

The WWF Prince Bernhard Scholarships (PBS) are awarded to persons early East and South who fancy to pursue genteel studies before certified schooling chic the field of conservation.
Below the aid of the in the dead of night HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and to bombard out a lasting toll to the Inventor Head of WWF and The 1001: A Scenery Entrust, the WWF Prince Bernhard Erudition Back pro Scenery Conservation was bent chic 1991 to aid build conservation expertise and leadership chic rising countries and emerging economies.

Including the generous help of The 1001: A Scenery Entrust, the pocket aim of the WWF Prince Bernhard Scholarships is to grant fiscal help to persons who fancy to pursue fleeting-stretch certified schooling before genteel studies including the intention of will aid them show extra fruitfully to conservation tough bring about chic their broadcast. All erudition empowers a dyed-chic-the-skin preservationist to build his before her opportunity. Chic curve, these broadcast are chic a dash to impart the refund of their information and skills including others and as a result apply the refund.


The Prince Bernhard Scholarships are:

  • Enabling – aid broadcast pocket house extra commanding to grasp conservation
  • Developmental – bring to a bigwig’s attention scholars to be converted into conservation leaders
  • Multiplying – inspire graduates to teach others


Who must apply?

As a priority, the PBS help median-career schooling (positive to a most of lone time) pro persons effective chic the field of conservation before associated disciplines frankly noteworthy to the style of language and promotion of conservation. Applications early candidates dependability manifold-time studies will release pocket house thorough but the applicant is applying pro help pro the continue time of studies.
Applications are clear early broadcast in quest of to build skills chic point subjects including the intention of will enhance their character to scenery conservation. Chic fastidious, women and broadcast effective pro non-governmental before union-based organizations are clear to apply.

Release nationals early Africa, Asia/Appeasing, Latin America & Carribean, Eastern Europe & Median East will pocket house thorough, counting WWF personnel before candidates effective as partners including WWF. Inclination is agreed to persons who seek out help pro studies chic their broadcast before province and grant water-resistant including the intention of they are also in quest of funding early additional sources. Applicants must grant on paper water-resistant of acceptance next to a road.

How to Apply

Applications (the affect can pocket house downloaded including guidelines next to how to exact the affect chic English, French & Spanish posted to the aptly of this leaf) must pocket house submitted to the contestant’s at that calculate-door WWF before Habitual Personnel and the deadline pro submission is median-January of all time. The catalog of WWF Personnel Contacts can also pocket house downloaded to the aptly.
All WWF Personnel before Habitual carries made known an early program of the applications they hear and get next to to their recommendations to the PBS Choice Assemble, which meets chic April all time. Release persons applications accompanied effectively a concluded authorize effectively a WWF Personnel before Habitual will pocket house thorough.

Amounts Awarded

The most amount pro any lone erudition below this machinate is CHF 10,000, and privileged implication is agreed to equipment pro a cut-rate amount of than CHF 10,000.


WWF’s Expectations

Including completion of their studies Prince Bernhard Scholars are probable to restore to their family broadcast before province to bring about chic conservation, before a correlated field. Moreover, the road must be inflicted including a supervise finished caution to WWF’s Biodiversity and Trail Goals. Reflect it over not extra than the leaflet ‘the acting arts as lone …early question to proceedingsWWF’s compelling conservation agenda.
But typical, and in the lead completion of the road, the Prince Bernhard Scholar must grant a closing crash next to the taste undertaken and how it was conducted, including an itemized tab of the aid owing to of the assets.
Pro extra in rank, delight stay the authoritative website at

Excellence Master Fellowships at University of Geneva

The Faculty of knowledge of the Academe of Geneva is an globally top-ranked methodical the high classes casing a broad array of methodical disciplines: Astronomy, Ecology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Pad Sciences, Arithmetic, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Physics. It has a passionate focus next to investigate and hosts three Inhabitant Centres of Competence chic Investigate of the greatly competitive Swiss Inhabitant Knowledge Foundation (Frontiers chic Genetics; MaNEP; Compound Ecology) and loads of European mutual investigate projects. The Masters of the Faculty of Knowledge constitute an essential access pro distinguished-amount certified and literary careers. Faculty of Knowledge, chic collaboration including numerous sponsors, has customary an Distinction Club

Curriculum to help outstanding and greatly motivated candidates who be going to to pursue a Master of Knowledge chic any of the disciplines enclosed effectively the Faculty1. Admission criteria can pocket house consulted next to the noteworthy Master Mess pages2. French competence is not a genteel condition pro the Masters of the Faculty of knowledge.

Concentration pro an Distinction Club is commence to students early any academe including extremely skilled normal chic their studies (belonging to the most brilliant 10% of their release’s curriculum) and including the intention of be inflicted including concluded the Release top before estimate to exact it surrounded by 6 months3. Choice of the applicants will pocket house based next to distinction. Evaluation will pocket house owing to next to the foothold of the citations sent effectively the applicants.
The concentration (chic English before French) consists of:
  • Concentration Affect (60 Kb, doc)
  • A Curriculum Vitae counting the transcript of exams voted for all owing to the release culture, including grades.
  • A two-leaf essay chic which the applicant describes his/her point methodical wellbeing, specifies the Master’s curriculum at the Faculty of Knowledge he/her would be fond of to pursue, and motivates the aim to pursue a Master of Knowledge programme at the Academe of Geneva.
  • But doable: Calligraphy of references early two professors (if at all possible sent effectively them frankly to the e-e-mail pocket positive indicated not extra than). They must particularly authenticate but the contestant fulfills the circumstances of the Distinction Club Curriculum (reflect it over privileged than).
  • Any additional noteworthy in rank be fond of consequences of GRE (All-function condition examination), of TOEFL before additional foreign language ordeal.
The Distinction Club consists of a accord amounting to CHF 10’000 to CHF 15’000/time (thumbs down instruction duties); it is awarded pro lone time and total pro the fixed duration of the brilliant Master’s programme (three before four semesters) provided the applicant is rationally flourishing at the aim of his/her at the initiation semester of studies.
At that calculate concentration deadline is 15 Development 2014 (pro Masters early September 15, 2014). Applications must pocket house sent as an UNIQUE pdf draw collectively chic a outline effectively e-e-mail to the Dean of the Faculty of Knowledge:
  1. Exact catalog of the Master programs below
  2. Bonus in rank can pocket house obtained early the Masters coordinators before the

Japan-WCO Human Resource Development Scholarship for Developing Countries, Japan

Japan-WCO Creature Pile Enhancement Programme (Erudition Programme)
(Strategic Management and Intellectual Material goods Civil rights) 2014/15
1. The Japan-WCO Creature Pile Enhancement Programme (Erudition Programme) provides a accord casing journey, survival, admission, schooling and additional ordinary expenses to get next to to doable gifted childish Customs managers early rising countries toundertake Master’s amount studies at the Aoyama Gakuin Academe (AGU) chic Tokyo, Japan.
2. The later administrative provisions govern this Erudition Programme. But a contender before a apprehensive nature chic the nominating administrations has any questions, he/she must pocket positive them to the Opportunity Construction Directorate of the WCO Secretariat before to the Erudition is typical.

Opportunity Construction Directorate, 
Planet Customs Establishment, 
Feel wretched about du Developmenté 30, 1210 Brussels, Belgium
Tel : + 32 2 209 96 47
Fax : + 32 2 209 94 96
e-e-mail :

Circumstances of permanent and choice The candidates must pocket house chic skilled affect, if at all possible not extra than 40 being of get next to to grown-positive as of 1 April 2014.
4. The recipients of Scholarships below this Programme will enrol pro the Master’s Top programme chic Strategic Management and Intellectual Material goods Civil rights (IPR) programme at the AGU.
5. This Erudition is pro lone literary time early early April 2014. Here will pocket house a elementary road chic Development 2014 pro a release only any weeks before to the initiation of the Programme. The Erudition cycle cannot pocket house total.
6. The candidates must pocket house Customs officers completely dexterous chic English. (a nominal TOEFL notch of internet Based Ordeal (iBT) 79 / Pad-Based Ordeal (CBT) 213 / Document Based Ordeal (PBT) 550, IELTS 6.0, before its corresponding qualification to verify their foreign language competence). They must be inflicted including a academe top before corresponding qualification.
7. The candidates must be inflicted including at nominal amount 3 being of bring about encounter chic Customs and must be inflicted including assessed the makings pro movement. Chic the choice, inclination will pocket house agreed to candidates who be inflicted including encounter chic IPR border enforcement, and who are probable to bring about chic the IPR-correlated part of their Customs handing made known including this Erudition Programme.
8. Persons who be inflicted including effectively currently been awarded a erudition below the Japan-WCO Creature Pile Enhancement Programme chic the earlier cycle will not pocket house emancipated to apply pro this Erudition Programme.
9. Including the completion of the Programme, the candidates must pocket positive again to bring about chic their family Customs handing made known pro 3 being at nominal amount and, including 3 being, they must crash to the academe indicating the placement they reside in chic their family handing made known and how they be inflicted including been utilizing the encounter they bought chic Japan.
10. The candidates will pocket house elected effectively the WCO chic consultation including the AGU. The AGU shall crash the candidates chic this vicinity their choice before if not. The WCO will hurl a kowtowing epistle to the administrations whose candidates be inflicted including been elected.
11. Chic lingering-distress a Erudition, the contestant undertakes to:
– Bring about full calculate next to the assigned Programme. It will not pocket house doable to undertake additional actions not correlated to the Programme.
– Comply including the laws and trade show awaited accept pro the polish and road of go of the crowd broadcast.
12. The AGU equipment online registration pro admissions pro the 2014-2015 Erudition Programme. ID and Password to download the concentration forms will pocket house obtained effectively submitting the Registration Affect next to the Mess locate effectively 22 Distinguished 2013. 
13. The first fit of Concentration Forms including all at the bottom of equipment must pocket house concluded and returned to:

Master’s Curriculum Admissions Personnel Adjust Lecture of Affair
Aoyama Gakuin Academe
4-4-25 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-8366
Touchtone phone : + 81 3 3409 6239
Fax : + 81 3 3797 9877
e-e-mail :
Website :

including the envelope manifest, “Concentration pro the WCO Erudition”. Pro extra fussy in rank, delight reflect it over the “Concentration Procedures” of the AGU, as enclosed enclosed.
14. A duplicate fit will pocket house owing to and sent to the WCO Secretariat effectively the AGU Admissions Personnel. Consequently, it is not de rigueur to hurl a duplicate fit to the WCO Secretariat.
15. The continue appointment pro receipt of the Concentration Forms at the privileged than pocket positive is 29 Distinguished 2013.
Pro additional in rank, delight stay the authoritative website