Research Fellowships, Harvard Kennedy School Indonesia, USA

Encourage pro Fellows: Distinguished 2013 – June 2014
The Harvard Kennedy Lecture (HKS) Indonesia Curriculum
invites Indonesian researchers, academics, and practitioners to apply
pro the Indonesia Investigate Club chic diplomacy to pursue nature-determining
investigate projects at the Ash Crucial top. Owing to doable owing to the generous
help of the Rajawali Foundation, this investigate club chance
allows flourishing applicants to form a junction including a lively union of researchers
effective next to Asia-correlated issues.
Investigate Fellowships could pocket house all ears next to have fun investigate before institutional enhancement, as follows:
(a) Investigate Fellows could pursue noteworthy chic-deepness investigate chic their
vicinity of literary and/before certified expertise, counting keep pro not
top bolt from the blue to: carrying made known dissertation
investigate and prose (pro pre-doc Fellows); publishing articles
later a dissertation (pro placement-doc Fellows); before carrying made known an
helpful plot breakdown of areas of certified expertise (pro
Practitioner Fellows).
(b) Investigate Fellows could pocket house representatives
of investigate institutions before universities chic Indonesia, and could aid the
club to explore areas of literary enhancement and collaboration
such as curriculum enhancement and explanation examine enhancement. The projected
bring about must plainly strengthen the institutional capabilities of the crowd
the high classes pro instruction before researching broadcast plot chic Indonesia.

  • Appointments will go on pro lone full literary time, early median-Distinguished 2013 to median-June 2014.
  • Including lecturer praise, Investigate Fellows could “taste made known” education at Harvard Kennedy Lecture before additional Harvard schools.
  • Investigate Fellows will hear a certificate in the lead completion, keep pro thumbs down degrees will pocket house conferred.
  • Investigate Fellows will hear mutual personnel interval surrounded by the Ash Crucial top, next to the campus of Harvard Academe chic Cambridge (further than Boston, Massachusetts).
  • Investigate Fellows will be inflicted including lobby to the pile logic of Harvard Academe.
  • Pro
    Indonesian Investigate Fellows, HKS will bombard out pro apt housing,
    affect indemnity, and a modest income yucky. HKS will not grant global moving
    before bombard out pro pre-departure expenditure. (But typical, Investigate Fellows are
    clear to seek out fiscal help pro these bits and pieces early their
    employers before additional sponsors such as the Indonesian Agency of Culture before DIKTI, the Directorate All-function pro Privileged Culture.)

Criteria and Expectations
Fellows must pocket house
fluent chic chic cooperation on paper and oral English. All fellows will pocket house probable
to participate chic investigate seminars, yield a 10-leaf on paper document
shortening their investigate (ideally in print before to completion of the
investigate club cycle), and get next to to at nominal amount two presentations (lone chic
the Cambridge vicinity and at nominal amount lone chic Indonesia) chic this vicinity their investigate.
Investigate Fellowships are commence to candidates early regime, academe circles,
and nature-determining investigate communities. Fellows ordinarily reduction into lone of
the later categories: Pre-Doc Fellow, Placement-Doc Fellow, before Older
Practitioner. Flush but proposals pro lone semester of investigate could pocket house
thorough, inclination will pocket house agreed to investigate proposals including the intention of
converse in for ambitious and noteworthy bring about finished two semesters (lone full
literary time).
Passionate proposals chic any dash of broadcast plot
will pocket house thorough, and candidates must aim investigate questions
including the intention of are consequential based next to their vicinity of expertise and breakdown of the
challenges chic Indonesia. Applicants are clear to assess the 2010 HKS breakdown of the Indonesian biased disorder,
which encourages additional examine of 1) institutional transformation; 2)
opportunities and challenges of globalization; 3) justice and
chance; and 4) reconstructing position. This crash is also
void chic Bahasa Indonesia at Gramedia Bookstores below the title Indonesia Menentukan Nasib: Dari Reformasi ke Transformasi Kelembagaan.
the Literary Time 2012-13, inclination will pocket house agreed everywhere doable to
candidates whose projected investigate is associated to lone of the later

  • Community governments and potential chic Indonesia,
    counting the feature of broadcast benefit style of language, competitiveness of
    community governments, fiscal before plot breakdown of corruption, and
    nature politics;
  • Fiscal and/before plot breakdown of
    moving and urban infrastructure chic Indonesia, counting
    broadcast-confidential partnerships pro infrastructure, improvements to broadcast
    moving, and additional issues distressing the fiscal productivity and
    feature of go chic Indonesia’s cities;
  • Shared plot chic
    Indonesia, counting effectiveness of shared protection lattice programs,
    inhabitant strategies pro poverty reduction, and community regime
    encounter including benefit provision pro vulnerable populations;
  • Energy enhancement, counting energy plot, energy markets, environmental plot, climate chat and carbon trading, before sustainability; before
  • Strategic enhancement of literary programs chic Indonesia including the intention of lecture broadcast plot.

Concentration and Deadlines
Candidates must apply effectively February 15, 2013 pro the Indonesian Investigate Fellowships pro the cycle Distinguished 2013 to June 2014.
To apply, delight arrange the later equipment:

  • Pocket chic leaf including first name, supporter in rank, and connection.
  • Resume before Curriculum Vitae, counting any publishing description.
  • Epistle
    early superintendent before crowd the high classes as long as a passionate rationale of why
    this contestant must pocket house brilliant; what her/his character is chic stipulations of
    literary and programmatic leadership surrounded by the hosting the high classes; and
    how she/he will show to accelerating reform chic Indonesia finished the
    lingering stretch.
  • Bid of 5-10 pages recounting investigate before machinate to pocket house conducted all owing to this Investigate Club counting:
    • Foremost plot questions to pocket house examined
    • Regard to Indonesia
    • Noteworthy journalism and facts
    • Investigate angle to pocket house ancient
    • Consequences to pocket house achieved
    • Link
      of this projected Investigate Club to any before before possibility
      investigate, counting any globally-in print investigate
    • Link of this projected Investigate Club to accelerating reform chic Indonesia

Delight hurl the concentration equipment by road of hurl by e-e-mail to including “Investigate Fellow Concentration” chic the theme outline, thumbs down before long than 5:00 p.m. ET (Cambridge community calculate) next to February 15, 2013.