Heinrich Boll Scholarships in Germany for International Students

Heinrich Boll Foundation
Masters/PhD Top

Deadline: 3 Spoil 2015 (Approximately calculate ago a time)
Examine chic:  Germany
At that calculate road starts 2015

Concise description:

The Heinrich Böll Foundation awards scholarships to global students who gained their academe lobby qualification early a lecture further than of Germany who fancy to examine a Masters before PhD Top chic Germany.

Crowd The high classes(s):

Disorder before disorder-recognizable Universities  chic Germany

Field(s) of examine:

The scholarships are awarded pro all subjects.

Digit of Scholarships:

Not individual.

Butt assemble:

The erudition curriculum allots scholarships to global students.  Only one of its kind focus regions are: surrounded by and eastern Europe, the EU’s neighbouring states and the CIS, the Median East and North Africa (primarily Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Israel), transition and newly industrialised countries, and conflict regions worldwide.

Erudition regard/inclusions:

€750 for every month pro Masters Students before €1000 for every month pro PhD students, clear € 100 mobility allowance for every month, clear innumerable have fun allowances. Schooling fees are not funded.


Global students next to a MASTERS road chic any theme who earned their academe lobby qualification further than Germany (Bildungsausländer/innen) and are studying, before fancy to examine, chic Germany:

•  You could apply before to admittance your Masters programme before at any calculate positive to the aim of the at the initiation semester of the Masters programme.

• Applicants must be inflicted including concluded a at the initiation top.

•  Skilled before extremely skilled information of German (at nominal amount B4 Amount) is essential; you must give documentary verify. The choice workshops are commonly detained chic German. But a erudition is contracted, intensive German courses could pocket house funded.

Global doctoral students chic all subjects who are non-EU citizens, who earned the academe lobby qualification further than the EU, and who are pursuing, before fancy to pursue, doctoral studies chic Germany (Bildungsausländer/innen):

•  At the calculate of concentration, the applicant must be inflicted including been typical as a doctoral apprentice effectively a disorder-recognised German the high classes of privileged culture.

• Inclination will pocket house agreed to dissertation projects correlated to the effective areas of the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

• Skilled before extremely skilled information of German (at nominal amount B2 Amount) is essential; you must give documentary verify. The choice workshops are commonly detained chic German. But a erudition is contracted, intensive German courses could pocket house funded.

Concentration directions:

Applications are not so far commence.  The online concentration porch will commence next to 20 January 2015 pro jump 2015.

Pro honest points of concentration equipment and procedures, delight consult in rank page A 1-1 (“erudition concentration pro apprentice and adjust students”, PDF) before A 2-1 (“erudition concentration pro doctoral studies”). These yield vital in rank next to the policy and fit of laws of your concentration and next to preconditions and criteria. Applications must pocket house owing to online and is owing to chic German foreign language. Concentration deadline is 3 Development 2015.

It is vital to stay the authoritative website (caution establish not extra than) pro honest points next to how to apply pro this erudition.


Authoritative Erudition Website:  http://www.boell.de/scholarships/scholarships.html

Correlated Scholarships: Catalog of Scholarships chic Germany

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A Guide to Studying in Germany for Free for Foreign Students


Germany has be converted into a ordinary destination pro nameless students looking pro an global culture. German Universities offers globally recognizable programs at a moderately cheaper deprivation compared to UK, USA before Australia. Moreover, here are a noteworthy digit of void scholarships including the intention of allows nameless students to examine chic Germany pro emancipated.


Pro loads of being, Germany has been lone of the European Countries including schooling emancipated programs. German universities are currently allowable to payment schooling fees pro apprentice examine programmes. Currently,  release lone of 16 Centralized states payment schooling fees of positive to 500 Euros for every semester. The surplus of the centralized states rank made known not payment schooling fees and release question for a fastidious amount of cash as a semester character (chic this vicinity 50 euros) clear handing made known fees (chic this vicinity 50 euros) pro Universities chic approximately Centralized States.

Chic most hand baggage, you call for to bombard out schooling fee pro Master’s and PhD programmes. Opportunely, here are a skilled digit of scholarships pro Masters and PhD examine chic Germany.

Fussy in rank next to which universities chic which centralized states payment schooling fees can pocket house establish at this leaf.

The Germany Erudition Curriculum provides fiscal and non-clarification help to distinguished-achieving and committed students early all finished the planet. The Germany Erudition chains greatly talented students at all participating universities chic Germany. The erudition is awarded lacking implication of confidential before mother income and lone’s flash is not clarification to declaration any.   The erudition amounts to 300 EUR for every month and is contracted pro at nominal amount two semesters keep pro could pocket house provided pro a most calculate which covers the ordinary cycle of examine.  

To learn made known which institutions of privileged culture chic Germany deposit forward the Germany Erudition, energy to the interactive conspire of Germany at: www.deutschlandstipendium.de/de/1970.php

DAAD is a establishment organisation of Germany’s privileged culture institutions and is reliable pro promoting global literary relations, primarily owing to the chat of students, academics and researchers.  The DAAD erudition catalog contains erudition and funding opportunities pro nameless students, adjust students and scientists  who are in quest of fiscal help pro their studies, investigate bring about before instruction assignments chic Germany. The catalog not release lists all the scholarships existing effectively the DAAD, keep pro also diverse programmes existing effectively a large diversity of institutions.

The most ordinary DAAD erudition curriculum pro rising broadcast students is the DAAD Scholarships pro Postgraduate Courses including Only one of its kind Consequence to Rising Countries. A additional ordinary develop is the DAAD Scholarships chic Broadcast Plot and Skilled Potential.

A digit of biased and devout foundations chic Germany  offers scholarships to global students early innumerable backgrounds, wellbeing, and qualifications.  studentwerk-berlin.de outlines them chic this catalog.

German Universities participate chic practically a digit of examine programs which are funded effectively Erasmus Mundus Scholarships.  The scholarships can finance global students to pursue a participating Erasmus Mundus examine curriculum chic Germany.

Learn the exact catalog of Erasmus Mundus Master Courses and PhD Courses. Chic these lists you will learn Erasmus Mundus funded courses including the intention of are conducted chic Germany.

Beasiswa S-3 di Jerman

http://www.acehscholarships.com/2013/08/beasiswa-s-3-di-jerman.htmlBagi Anda yang berkeinginan melanjutkan pendidikan ke jenjang S-3, Jerman mungkin bisa menjadi pilihan. Apalagi dengan adanya curriculum beasiswa German Literary Chat Benefit (Dinas Pertukaran Akademis Jerman) yang diberikan oleh Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD).

Beasiswa untuk tahun ajaran 2014/2015 itu terbuka bagi semua disiplin ilmu. DAAD menawarkan dua curriculum, yakni Lingering-stretch Investigate Grants dan Fleeting-stretch Investigate chic Germany. Demikian, seperti dikutip dari laman Unnes, Kamis (15/8/2013).

Penerima beasiswa akan mendapatkan dana 1.000 euro Rp13,6 juta (Rp1.365 for every euro) for every bulan. Selain itu, Anda juga akan mendapat biaya transportasi, dan asuransi kesehatan.

Ingin mendaftar? Pastikan Anda memiliki indeks prestasi kumulatif (GPA) nominal 3,0 dengan skala 4,00 dan sekurang-kurangnya menyelesaikan pendidikan selama enam tahun. Buruan daftar karena pendaftaran akan ditutup pada 15 Oktober 2013. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut dapat diunduh di sini.


Scholarship for Artist and Architects 2014/2015, Germany

These examine erudition pocket aim to grant nameless applicants early the fields of Honest Arts, Top, Coat, Composition, Architecture as water supply as the acting Arts (Drama, Management, Dance, Chereography, and including the intention of) including an chance to exact a road of additional opportunity studies, withoyut quick a genteel top of qualification, before tp exact postgraduate before Master’s top road to advance a top chic Germany (Master’s/Diplom), at a German disorder (broadcast) before disorder-recognizable privileged culture the high classes.
- Additional opportunity studies lacking the function of quick a top: commonly lone literary time. Chic have fun hand baggage and in the lead concentration, scholarships could pocket house total.
- Examine projects including the function of quick top: depending next to the part of the brilliant top road before examine machinate, between 10 and 24 months. At the initiation, scholarships are awarded pro lone literary time and can pocket house total in the lead concentration pro students including skilled examine achievements to pocket chic the full part of the brilliant top road.
- The DAAD will bombard out a monthly erudition of 750 Euros. As a imperative, the erudition additionally includes fastidious payments headed for affect indemnity pocket chic chic Germany. Chic addendum, the DAAD commonly will bombard out an apt flat exhaust-rank journey allowance, except these expenditure are enclosed effectively the family broadcast before effectively a additional funding fund. Furthermore, the DAAD will bombard out a examine allowance and, everywhere apt, a rent financial help and family ranking allowance.
- The internet-based foreign language road “Deutsch-Uni Online (DUO)” is not compulsory to aid students boost their German foreign language skills. Pro erudition holders, the DAAD will bombard out the courses fees pro six months as early their receipt of the Erudition Declaration Epistle. Furthermore, erudition holders can apply to the DAAD pro a financial help towards a in person brilliant German road. Additional in rank will pocket house built-in including the Erudition Declaration Epistle.
- Applicants must be inflicted including concluded their studies chic their family broadcast – as far away as doable- including a corresponding closing top. But the top cannot pocket house gained chic the family broadcast, their culture and schooling opportunities chic the family broadcast must be inflicted including been exhausted. Thumbs down extra than six being must commonly be inflicted including voted for between the calculate as they gained their top and the calculate of this concentration.
- But the brilliant examine machinate includes the numerous month lingering pause next to the teach, funding pro this pause next to the teach will commonly release pocket house thorough but it takes house chic an EU Broadcast (not chic the family broadcast) and lasts a most of 6 months and covers a most of 25% of the erudition stretch.
- Applicants, who be inflicted including been inhabitant chic Germany pro longer than 15 months at the calculate concentration, cannot pocket house thorough.
Concentration ID:
- Fussy in rank of the concentration ID to pocket house submitted can pocket house establish next to the Concentration Affect pro “ Investigate Grants and Examine Scholarships” (“Antrag auf ein Forschungs-/Studienstipendium”), which can pocket house obtained chic the internet (www.daad.de/en/affect) before early the diplomatic and consular representations of the Centralized Disorder of Germany, early DAAD Lektors, early the DAAD regional offices before In rank and In rank Centers, and early partner organizations.
- Chic addendum, only one of its kind leaflets pro the fields of Honest Honest art, Top and Coat, Composition, Architecture as water supply as The acting Arts (Drama, Management, Dance, Step top, and including the intention of) grant in rank next to aspects such as the bring about samples (choice) which applicants call for to give positive. These leaflets can pocket house obtained early the abovementioned offices before next to the Internet (www.daad.de/extrainfo).
- The DAAD will not plotting-out mutual applications.
Broadcast-point in rank, dates and deadlines, concentration pocket positive and in rank:
- The DAAD website www.daad.de/stipendien provides in rank next to the austere deadlines pro the submission of applications and next to everywhere these must pocket house sent. In the lead question for, the German diplomatic and consular representations and the DAAD regional personnel reliable pro your broadcast will also pocket house competent to grant this in rank.
- The privileged than-mentioned website will also grant the addresses of institutions which you can supporter chic your family broadcast pro additional in rank and in rank. In rank next to examine opportunities chic Germany can pocket house establish chic Germany at www.privileged-culture-scope.de
Pro additional in rank, delight stay the authoritative website at http://www.daadjkt.org/

Scholarship for Development-Related Postgraduate Courses, Germany

Enhancement-Correlated Postgraduate Courses 2014/2015
· Postgraduate courses pro childish professionals early rising countries at German institutions of Privileged culture
· Duration: 12-24 months, depending next to the fastidious the high classes
· Globally recognised Master’s top
· Includes German Universities and “Fachhochschulen” (Universities of Helpful Knowledge)
· Help of elected programmes including a diversity of full before incomplete scholarships
· Funded effectively the BMZ (Centralized Agency pro Fiscal Cooperation and Enhancement) keep pro admission is also commence to nature-financed participants before students financed owing to regime before additional sources
· Literary time 2014/2015
Dates and Deadlines

http://www.acehscholarships.com/2013/06/Scholarship-for-Development-Related-Postgraduate-Courses-Germany.htmlErudition applicants early rising countries (next to the DAC Catalog of the OECD) can apply at the DAAD regional personnel, frankly at the DAAD chic Bonn before frankly to the academe.
Concentration deadlines pro DAAD-scholarships:
31 July: At the DAAD regional personnel
Addressed to: DAAD Jakarta
Gedung Summitmas II, Lt. 14
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 61-62
Jakarta Selatan 12190
31 Distinguished: At the DAAD chic Bonn/Germany
Addressed to: DAAD Part 431
Kennedyallee 50
D-53175 Bonn – Germany
15 October: At the respective universities chic Germany: (naturally; delight taste made known description pro rigorous appointment) Applicants must pocket house guaranteed to taste made known in rank a propos concentration dying dates frankly including the have fun universities in check over of the fact including the intention of they could contrast early the all-function deadlines plotted privileged than.
The choice administer commonly takes house at the universities chic the cycle early October to February. All owing to persons era it is doable pro approximately applicants to pocket house contacted effectively the academe to conduct a touchtone phone interview.
Scholarships are ordinarily awarded pro the later chill semester.
Essentials and Equipment
Choice criteria and procedures pro DAAD erudition recipients get next to to guaranteed including the intention of
* priority butt candidates be inflicted including proven, enhancement-correlated motivation and can pocket house probable to get next to to full aid of their erudition and culture effectively compelling next to shared dependability before long chic their careers, the acting arts as agents of chat who stimulate and help enhancement chic their confidential and certified surroundings (motivation, stanchness to enhancement),
* the candidates be inflicted including the certified and literary qualifications de rigueur to get next to to guaranteed flourishing completion of the top programme chic Germany (closing scores next to before literary examinations, foreign language skills),
* women and candidates early chic call for groups who come across the essential literary and certified principles and trade show proven stanchness to enhancement-correlated issues are primarily embattled pro programme admission.
Pro extra in rank, delight stay the authoritative website at http://www.daadjkt.org/pointer.php?postgraduate-1

300 PhD Positions in Physics, Germany

300 PhD Positions chic Physics

HGS-HIRe offers a structured PhD culture chic hypothetical, experimental before helpful physics. Projects will pocket house hosted surrounded by the groups of our methodical partners, everywhere the topics are early the fields of:

Distinguished Energy Nuclear Physics
Nuclear Organize Physics
Nuclear Astrophysics
Atomic Physics
Accelerator Physics
Clarification Knowledge

Additionally to the methodical culture surrounded by the effective groups of the academe professors HGS-HIRe hosts fixed methodical actions be fond of Address Weeks, Adjust Income, Journal Clubs, Seminars, Colloquia and Potential Weeks. Numerous Gentle Cleverness courses primarily tailored pro the desires of the participants of the curriculum are existing next to a yearly foothold pro all participants.

HGS-HIRe offers an global methodical background, including passionate collaborations all finished the planet. Only one of its kind programs and funding pro journey are existing to all participant, which enables participants to strengthen and build collaborations including global top scientists.

Concentration release by road of: http://hgs-hire.de/concentration/pointer.shtml

Equipment pro Applicant
Theme Equipment (Qualification)

All applicants are essential to call a Master Top chic Natural Sciences before an corresponding top. The foreign language of the lecture is English, hence a ample competence of English (oral, as water supply as on paper) is essential to form a junction including the lecture.

concentration release by road of:

https://www.daad.de/deutschland/promotion/phd/en/13306-phdgermany-catalog/?projektid=54420243&fachgebiet=C&finanzierung=0&stadt=&the high classes=&sprache=&personenkreis=&promotionsart=&infiltrate=Quest+%C2%cut