Graduate Scholarship Program for Excellent Foreign Student (EFS)

Erudition effectively Sirindhorn Equipment Erudition Back are void pro exceptional students early signal universities of any nameless broadcast to examine chic a master’s before a doctoral top curriculum at Sirindhorn Global Institute of Equipment (SIIT), Thammasat Academe, Thailand. The scholarships are owing to void pro the later fields of examine:

  • Biochemical Commerce/Biochemistry
  • Compound Commerce/Chemistry
  • Civil Commerce
  • Pad Commerce/Knowledge
  • Electronics and Interaction Commerce
  • Energy Equipment/Management
  • Commerce Management
  • Environmental Commerce/Knowledge Equipment/Management
  • Manufacturing Commerce
  • In rank Equipment
  • Logistics and Give Thread Logic Commerce
  • Management Equipment
  • Equipment Commerce/Knowledge/Equipment
  • Mechanical Commerce of Erudition:
40 lingering-lasting Scholarships
Pro prospective students chic the academinc semester 1/2014 (Distinguished,2014)
- Master’s top (2 time curriculum)
- Doctoral top (3 time curriculum)

Erudition Coverage:

  1. Full schooling and culture help fees (full thesis help)
  2. Income allowance of 10.000 Bath for every month comprises:
    • SIIT dormitory fee (2.000 Bath for every month)*
      * Erudition recipients are essential to pause at the SIIT dormitory pro a cycle at nominal amount 12 months. All owing to the aforementioned cycle, the dormitory monthly fee of 2.000 Bath will pocket house deducted frankly early the recipent’s income allowance.
    • Confidential income allowance of 8.000 Bath for every month
  3. Around dive disorder journey expenses, the most supervise finished hurl to and early Thailand and the recipient’s family broadcast (actial deprivation, keep pro not finished 20.000 Bath)
  4. Miscellaneous expenses such as documents fees, airport taxes, and including the intention of. (genuine expenses, keep pro not finished 10.000 Bath)
  5. Affect and manufacturing accident indemnity all owing to the cycle of erudition chic Thailand

Contestant Qualifications:

  • Not a Thai inhabitant, nor of Thai flash
  • Exceptional literary confirmation (if at all possible ranked surrounded by the top 20 percent of the class)
  • Come across qualification of SIIT adjust programs admission
  • Two passionate authorize calligraphy (at nominal amount lone authorize epistle mut comes early literary instrutor/advisor)
  • Must not pocket house a recipent of a additional category of erudition

Circumstances to Pocket positive again the Erudition:

  1. Keep positive a cumulative GPA of not a cut-rate amount of than 3.25 including thumbs down “F”, “U”, before “W” grades.
  2. Get next to to skilled movement chic his/her master thesis/doctoral dissertation and crash his/her movement each semester
  3. Help chic the Institute’s bring about pro 30 hours for every semester, primarily all ears next to laboratory supervision before lessons courses pro at nominal amount 6 hours, and the surplus will pocket house examination proctoring career.

Circumstances including Graduation: – Not any -
Concentration Deadline: 28th February 2014
Periodical of Flourishing Candidates: 1st April 2014
Must you be inflicted including any enquiries chic this vicinity the erudition proram and admissions delight frankly supporter Ms. Sirikanya Kaewthep at hurl by e-e-mail: before stay

Click at this calculate to download affect EFS 2014

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International Postgraduate Research Scholarships at University of Canberra, Australia

The Academe of Canberra offers privileged top effectively investigate
scholarships to get next to to doable correctly certified students to undertake
full-calculate examine towards a investigate privileged top. Choice is based next to
literary earn and investigate the makings. These scholarships are acceptable
pro positive to three being pro a doctorate effectively investigate before positive to two being pro
a masters effectively investigate. Applicants must top headed for they fancy to examine full
calculate to get next to to guaranteed they are assessed as eligible.

The Investigate Students’ Personnel administers the concentration administer pro
domestic and global applicants and manages the handing made known
processes all owing to the occupancy of the erudition. Delight reflect it over the Scholarships Flowchart (PDF) pro a fussy check over of the erudition assessment administer.

In rank next to scholarships existing pro privileged top effectively investigate
examine effectively a broad array of institutions and organisations can also pocket house
establish next to the JASON website.

  • Domestic PhD Scholarships Void
  • Global PhD Scholarships Void
  • Mutual Investigate Arrangement Doctoral Scholarships (Murray-dear Hand basin Futures)
  • Eligibility pro Erudition
  • Prospective PhD Candidates
  • Contemporary PhD Candidates

Eligibility pro Erudition

Scholarships are release void to PhD candidates who are eligible pro accelerated access.

Candidates will call for to pocket house Honours 1 before corresponding. pocket house eligible, candidates call for to be inflicted including consumed thumbs down extra than 2.5
EFTSL (before concluded positive to most of 2.5 being Full Calculate Corresponding
(FTE) examine chic an Australian investigate top) chic the semester chic which
they are applying. Persons who be inflicted including consumed 2.5 EFTSL before extra chic including the intention of
semester (before been studying pro extra including the intention of 2.5 being (FTE)) are not
eligible pro a Academe of Canberra Erudition.

Delight Annotation:

  • Release exact applications including the intention of contain all investigate scholarships forms including at the bottom of citations will pocket house thorough.
  • The Academe of Canberra’s Scholarships are top bolt from the blue and
    consequently scholarships are awarded to applicants including the strongest
    literary shared class and the the makings to reside in made known the peak feature
  • Release flourishing applicants will pocket house told. We will pocket house contacting all flourishing applicants positive in anticipation of the 20th of December 2013.
  • Candidates must pocket house attentive including the intention of the occupancy of an declaration will pocket house cut-rate effectively any before candidature.

Prospective PhD Candidates

But you fancy to apply to undertake a investigate top at the Academe
of Canberra and also fancy to apply pro a 2014 erudition, here are two break applications to exact:

  1. Concentration pro Privileged Top effectively Investigate – the concentration and all at the bottom of citations must pocket house submitted to (PDF) (Speech);
  2. Investigate Erudition Periodical before Additional Investigate Productivity Honest points Affect (PDF) (Speech) – release contain abstract of your periodical/s, not the total periodical: and
  3. Erudition Applicant Noteworthy Investigate before Certified Encounter Affect (PDF) (Speech).

Lacking your at the bottom of citations your concentration will pocket house relentlessly chic call for.

Give positive all concluded erudition forms and at the bottom of citations to the Investigate Students’ Personnel,

But you are a contemporary PhD contestant at the Academe of Canberra and
fancy to apply pro a 2014 erudition, delight exact/ contain:

  • Concentration pro Investigate Top Erudition Affect (PDF) (Speech);
  • Investigate Erudition Periodical before Additional Investigate Productivity Honest points Affect (PDF) (Speech);
  • Erudition Applicant Noteworthy Investigate before Certified Encounter Affect (PDF) (Speech);
  • Pretend of your most contemporary Approximately calculate ago a time Movement Crash;
  • Simplified CV;
  • Investigate bid (thumbs down extra than 2 pages); and
  • Confidential epistle of help early your superintendent. (This must
    pocket chic your stanchness and appreciative of your investigate machinate, your
    movement as a HDR contestant and the feature of your investigate machinate).

Give positive all concluded forms and at the bottom of citations to the Investigate Students’ Personnel

107 doctoral student positions at the University of Oulu, Finland

The Academe of Oulu, located at the sensitivity of the globally recognizable Oulu province R&D focal top chic Northern Finland, promotes water supply so far to pocket house investigate primarily chic the focus areas of Biosciences and Affect, Background, Natural Assets and Equipment, In rank Equipment, and Cultural Nature and Interaction. The Academe, including its 6 faculties and extra than 70 specialist disciplines, cooperates painstakingly including diligence and buying, and has broad relations including loads of global investigate and culture institutions.

The Academe of Oulu Adjust Lecture (UniOGS) provides the framework and circumstances pro distinguished-feature, investigate-obsessed doctoral culture at the Academe of Oulu. UniOGS promotes the enhancement of structured Doctoral Programmes casing the areas of Equipment, Natural Sciences, Biosciences, Affect Sciences, and Creature Sciences, and nurtures commanding apprentice-superintendent relationships founded next to chic cooperation motivation and stanchness. UniOGS hence aims to initiation a favourable background pro the schooling, execution and suitable completion of doctoral culture tailored to all apprentice.
The Doctoral Programmes of UniOGS grant systematic and large-ranging doctoral schooling allowing the completion of the doctoral top surrounded by a cycle corresponding to four being of full-calculate examine; the calculate could pocket house adjusted to pocket into tab additional doable employment before schooling obligations of the doctoral apprentice. The doctoral schooling existing surrounded by the doctoral programmes promotes and strengthens distinguished-feature investigate chic the Academe of Oulu strategic focus and enhancement areas, and assures including the intention of students get next to to your hands next to skilled effective-go skills including the intention of pocket positive the desires of chic cooperation the bring about-house and the high classes.
All-function description of the positions and the nominal equipment pro choice.
The Academe of Oulu Adjust Lecture currently invites applications pro 101 doctoral apprentice positions pro 2014 – 2017, funded effectively the Academe of Oulu and apply between 8 Doctoral Programmes. Six bonus “commence investigate machinate” positions will pocket house allocated to applicants whose investigate relates to any focus vicinity of the Academe of Oulu.
The positions are void early the 1st of January, 2014, pro greatly motivated and talented students wishing to undertake and exact schooling pro a investigate-all ears doctoral top. The durations of the funded positions are pro two being, close next to 31st December 2015, before pro four being, close next to 31st December 2017. Depending next to the Doctoral Programme, the funded cycle could contain a examination cycle of positive to four months. Applicants could apply pro manifold positions commence chic this encourage, keep pro flourishing candidates could reside in release lone doctoral apprentice dash.
The salary of the elected doctoral students will pocket house fit next to levels 1–4 of the inhabitant salary extent pro the instruction and investigate personnel of Finnish universities. Chic addendum, a supplementary salary will pocket house agreed pro confidential achievement and normal, the totting positive rising to a most of 46.3% of no matter what salary extent (1 – 4) is fit pro the placement. The total salary pro these levels (before to tariff) currently ranges early chic this vicinity 1770 to 3560 Euros/month pro full-calculate employment.
All applicants must call a Master’s top before an corresponding top (e.g. licentiate) chic a noteworthy field effectively the aim of 2013, and pocket house competent to exhibit ample foreign language skills chic English before Finnish. The top will be inflicted including been certified including skilled grades (at nominal amount 60% of the most grade chic chic cooperation educated studies and the Master’s thesis. Decrease grades and Release amount top holders will not pocket house thorough). Annotation including the intention of these are the nominal equipment pro choice; have fun Doctoral Programmes could disturb bonus before extra stringent equipment.
All applicants must contain the later ID chic their concentration:
  1. A concluded “Concentration pro doctoral apprentice positions” affect; Vital:    All applicants must look into “Technological issues” pro directions next to how to keep the concentration affect, and but you be inflicted including harms notch the affect;
  2. Scanned electronic copies of all ID requested chic the Concentration pro doctoral  apprentice positions affect, counting: two signed allusion calligraphy, diplomas and transcripts of the minutes of before degrees, and certificates of foreign language competence tests but essential;
  3. Electronic copies of all bonus ID requested effectively the Doctoral Programme to which you are applying. Honest points pro these are provided chic the have fun encourage texts of the Doctoral Programmes.
All concentration ID are to pocket house submitted electronically as attachments to a release e-e-mail addressed to the Academe of Oulu Registrar’s Personnel (5 four-time doctoral apprentice positions chic Commerce, Natural sciences, and Environmental sciences (ADMA-DP); Secondary-encourage 2. 12 four-time doctoral apprentice positions chic biomedicine, molecular and part ecology, biochemistry, developmental ecology, genetics, structural ecology and bioinformatics (BCO-DP/A); Secondary-encourage 3. 3 four-time doctoral apprentice positions chic projects promoting global and/before inhabitant cooperation, and interdisciplinary investigate chic biomedicine, molecular and part ecology, biochemistry, developmental ecology, genetics, structural ecology, bioinformatics, data, biocomputing, bioelectronics (BCO-DP/B); Secondary-encourage 4. 10 four-time and 5 two-time doctoral apprentice positions chic humanities, culture, affair (marketing and management), and creature geography (EUDA-DP); Secondary-encourage 5. 7 four-time doctoral apprentice positions chic astronomy, physics, chemistry, arithmetic and data (Exactus-DP); Secondary-encourage 6. 20 four-time and 14 two-time doctoral apprentice positions chic electrical commerce, photonics, electronics top, electronics equipment & gears, pad knowledge and commerce, exchanges commerce, and in rank dispensation knowledge (InfotechDP); Secondary-encourage 7. Manifold two-time doctoral apprentice positions (renewable), including investigate periods of 3 – 12 months/time, chic clinical medicine, dental knowledge, biomedicine, affect knowledge, and health check equipment (MRC Oulu-DP); Secondary-encourage 8. 4 four-time and 1 two-time doctoral apprentice positions chic accounting, economics, finance, global affair, management, and marketing (OBSDP); Secondary-encourage 9. 5 four-time and 2 two-time doctoral apprentice positions chic Northern background, climate chat, pile management, wellbeing chic the North, and conflict pledge (ThuleDP); Secondary-encourage 10. 4 four-time and 2 two-time doctoral apprentice positions pro commence investigate projects at the Academe of Oulu (Commence-Res).
Additional in rank
Applicants will pocket house water supply-informed of the consequences of the choice administer effectively e-e-mail all owing to the following before third weeks of October, 2013. The closing catalog of elected students will pocket house in print next to the mess pages of the Academe of Oulu Adjust Lecture.
Pro in rank as regards the point Doctoral Programme calls and positions, delight pause next to the directions agreed chic the Doctoral Programme encourage texts (associations provided chic “Positions void” privileged than).
Pro additional in rank as regards the All-function Encourage and concentration procedures, supporter:
Administrator Anthony Heape (e-e-mail:

Beasiswa tesis dan disertasi LPDP

Beasiswa tesis dan disertasi adalah bantuan untuk menyelesaikan tesis/disertasi bagi para mahasiswa Magister atau Doktor yang memiliki keterbatasan dana dalam penyelesaian curriculum Magister atau Doktornya baik yang sedang belajar di dalam negeri maupun di luar negeri. Tujuan curriculum ini adalah mempercepat tersedianya sumber daya manusia yang berkualitas, yang dapat memberikan kontribusi bagi ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi nasional, serta memberikan nilai tambah pada produk dan jasa nasional.

Persyaratan Penerima Beasiswa Tesis dan Disertasi

    logo LPDP
  1. Mahasiswa curriculum magister/doktor yang sudah menyelesaikan seluruh mata kuliah;
  2. Usia maksimum bagi pelamar beasiswa Tesis dan Disertasi pada saat penutupan pendaftaran  adalah:
    1. 37 (tiga puluh tujuh) tahun untuk curriculum beasiswa Tesis
    2. 44 (empat puluh empat) tahun untuk curriculum beasiswa Disertasi
  3. Judul penelitian dan bidang kajian yaitu teknik, sains, pertanian, akuntansi dan ekonomi, hukum dan agama; Pelamar harus mengupload dokumen-dokumen dan mengisi formulir pendaftaran sebagai berikut:
  4. Pelamar harus mengupload dokumen-dokumen dan mengisi formulir pendaftaran sebagai berikut:
    1. Transkrip nilai akhir seluruh mata kuliah;
    2. Bid tesis dan/atau disertasi yang sudah disetujui oleh pembimbing atau promotor;
    3. Surat Keterangan Lulus Colloquium Bid
    4. Surat Pernyataan tidak sedang dan tidak akan mendapat bantuan beasiswa tesis dan disertasi dari sumber lain baik dalam negeri maupun luar negeri;
    5. Rencana Anggaran Belanja sesuai dengan satuan biaya yang berlaku.
    6. Essay maksimal 3 halaman (A4) tentang peranan penerima beasiswa dalam upayanya:
      1. meningkatkan daya saing/nilai tambah produk dan/atau jasa nasional, dan/atau;
      2. menyelesaikan permasalahn masyarakat dan bangsa, dan/atau;
      3. memberikan kontribusi bagi pengembangan ilmu pengetahuan, teknologi, dan budaya

Pendaftaran Dibuka Sepanjang Tahun


Metode Pendaftaran


Pendaftaran dilaksanakan secara online dengan mengunggah dokumen-dokumen pendukung dan mengisi formulir sesuai schooling yang diberikan (Semua dokumen dapat dilihat pada dokumen petunjuk beasiswa).
Seluruh dokumen pendukung (asli) dan cetak formulir harus dibawa pada tahap seleksi wawancara.
Seluruh Pendaftaran dilakukan secara online (tidak mendapat pendaftaran secara hardcopy/surat menyurat).


Formulir dan Dokumen Pendukung

  1. Formulir Pendaftaran Next to Outline
  2. Ijazah dan Transkrip Asli
  3. Transkrip Nilai akhir seluruh mata kuliah
  4. Bid Tesis/ Disertasi
  5. Surat Keterangan Lulus Colloquium Bid
  6. Essay
  7. Rencana Anggaran Biaya
  8. Surat Pernyataan tidak sedang dan tidak akan mendapat bantuan beasiswa tesis dan disertasi dari sumber lain baik dalam negeri maupun luar negeri.

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Beasiswa S-3 di Jerman Anda yang berkeinginan melanjutkan pendidikan ke jenjang S-3, Jerman mungkin bisa menjadi pilihan. Apalagi dengan adanya curriculum beasiswa German Literary Chat Benefit (Dinas Pertukaran Akademis Jerman) yang diberikan oleh Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD).

Beasiswa untuk tahun ajaran 2014/2015 itu terbuka bagi semua disiplin ilmu. DAAD menawarkan dua curriculum, yakni Lingering-stretch Investigate Grants dan Fleeting-stretch Investigate chic Germany. Demikian, seperti dikutip dari laman Unnes, Kamis (15/8/2013).

Penerima beasiswa akan mendapatkan dana 1.000 euro Rp13,6 juta (Rp1.365 for every euro) for every bulan. Selain itu, Anda juga akan mendapat biaya transportasi, dan asuransi kesehatan.

Ingin mendaftar? Pastikan Anda memiliki indeks prestasi kumulatif (GPA) nominal 3,0 dengan skala 4,00 dan sekurang-kurangnya menyelesaikan pendidikan selama enam tahun. Buruan daftar karena pendaftaran akan ditutup pada 15 Oktober 2013. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut dapat diunduh di sini.


Beasiswa S1,S2, dan S3 Kementerian Kesehatan

Kesehatan (Kemenkes)
membuka kesempatan tugas belajar dalam negeri
untuk curriculum S-1, S-2, dan S-3 bagi pegawai negeri sipil (PNS) SDM
Kesehatan tahun 2013.
Dalam surat edaran
yang ditandatangani Kepala Badan PPSDM Kesehatan, dr Untung Suseno
Sutarjo tanggal 28 Mei itu disebutkan, curriculum studi yang diikuti pada
Pendidikan Tinggi Negeri (PTN) yang terakreditasi nominal “B”, dan
apabila Curriculum Studi dan Peminatan yang dibutuhkan tidak terdapat di
PTN, maka calon peserta dapat mengikuti seleksi  akademik di Perguruan
Tinggi Swasta (PTS) yang terakreditasi nominal “B” dari  lembaga yang
berwenang. SE
itu disebutkan, bagi PNS yang menduduki jabatan struktural
diberhentikan dari jabatannya, dan bagi PNS yang menduduki jabatan
fungsional akan dibebaskan sementara dari jabatannya. Selain itu, PNS
calon peserta tidak sedang menjalani hukuman disiplin tingkat sedang
atau berat, dan tidak sedang melaksanakan pendidikan dan pelatihan
Adapun jangka waktu pelaksanaan pendidikan adalah:
a. Curriculum Strata I (S-1) barrier lama 4 (empat) tahun; 
b. Curriculum Strata II (S-2) barrier lama 2 (dua) tahun; 
c. Curriculum Strata III (S-3) barrier lama 4 (empat) tahun;
Sedang Komponen bantuan beasiswa pendidikan bagi peserta tugas belajar SDM meliputi:
a. Bantuan Biaya Hidup dan Operasional; 
b. Uang Buku dan Referensi; 
c. Biaya Untuk Pendidikan terdiri dari SPP, Matrikulasi dan Praktek (dibuktikan dengan SK Rektor);
Biaya Riset secara at deprivation dengan melampirkan TOR/Bid yang sudah 
disahkan oleh Dosen pembimbing, RAB dan Surat Pernyataan Tanggung Jawab 
Mutlak (SPTJM);
e. Convey keberangkatan dan kepulangan secara at deprivation dan uang harian.
Jenis pendanaan yang ditanggung oleh Kementerian Kesehatan selama tugas belajar meliputi:
Biaya penuh, diberikan selama peserta tubel mengikuti proses pendidikan
sejak  semester awal hingga akhir, sesuai dengan batas masa studi
Biaya parsial, diberikan kepada mereka yang sedang mengikuti proses 
pendidikan (maksimal semester III bulan September 2013) dan belum 
memperoleh dana. Dana tubel yang diberikan adalah dana lanjutan selama 
peserta tugas belajar masih dalam proses belajar mengajar yang
dibuktikan  dengan surat keterangan dari Institusi Pendidikan, dan bagi
peserta yang  diusulkan maka semua ketentuan tetap mengacu dalam Surat
Edaran ini. 
yang mengikuti pendidikan tahun 2013 sudah dalam penyusunan 
skripsi/thesis tidak diberikan bantuan beasiswa,” bunyi Surat Edaran
Pegawai Negeri Sipil (PNS) yang akan mengikuti tugas belajar SDM Kesehatan harus memenuhi persyaratan sebagai berikut :
1. Curriculum Studi/Peminatan yang diambil, sesuai dengan lampiran 1;
Untuk Dinas Kesehatan Provinsi/Kabupaten/Kota, Curriculum Studi/Peminatan
yang  diambil dapat menyesuaikan dengan peminatan sesuai kebutuhan Element
3. Pegawai Negeri Sipil (PNS) Pusat dan Daerah;
4. Mendapatkan ijin tertulis/surat tugas dari atasan langsung untuk mengikuti seleksi  administrasi dan seleksi akademik;
5. Masa kerja barrier kurang 1 (satu) tahun terhitung sejak diangkat sebagai PNS;
6. Curriculum studi/peminatan yang akan ditempuh harus mempunyai hubungan atau  sesuai dengan kebutuhan organisasi;
7. Usia maksimal dihitung pada saat seleksi administrasi di Pusat :
a. Curriculum Strata I (S-1) atau setara berusia barrier tinggi 25 (dua puluh lima)  tahun;
b. Curriculum Strata II (S-2) atau setara berusia barrier tinggi 37 (tiga puluh tujuh)  tahun;
c. Curriculum Strata III (S-3) atau setara berusia barrier tinggi 40 (empat puluh) tahun;
Untuk daerah terpencil, tertinggal, dan terluar atau jabatan sangat
diperlukan (Dosen, Peneliti dan Widyaiswara), usia maksimal dihitung
pada saat seleksi  administrasi di Pusat :
a. Curriculum Strata I (S-1) atau setara berusia barrier tinggi 37 (tiga puluh tujuh)  tahun;
b. Curriculum Strata II (S-2) atau setara berusia barrier tinggi 42 (empat puluh dua  tahun) tahun;
c. Curriculum Strata III (S-3) atau setara berusia barrier tinggi 47(empat puluh tujuh)  tahun;
Curriculum studi yang diikuti pada Pendidikan Tinggi Negeri (PTN) yang 
terakreditasi nominal “B”, dan apabila Curriculum Studi dan Peminatan yang 
dibutuhkan tidak terdapat di PTN, maka calon peserta dapat mengikuti
seleksi  akademik di Perguruan Tinggi Swasta (PTS) yang terakreditasi
nominal “B” dari  lembaga yang berwenang;
10. Bagi PNS yang menduduki jabatan struktural diberhentikan dari jabatannya;
11. Bagi PNS yang menduduki jabatan fungsional dibebaskan sementara dari  jabatannya;
12. Setiap unsur penilaian pelaksanaan pekerjaan dalam 1 (satu) tahun terakhir barrier  kurang bernilai baik;
13. Tidak sedang menjalani hukuman disiplin tingkat sedang atau berat;
14. Tidak sedang melaksanakan pendidikan dan pelatihan penjenjangan;
15. Jangka waktu pelaksanaan pendidikan :
a. Curriculum Strata I (S-1) barrier lama 4 (empat) tahun; 
b. Curriculum Strata II (S-2) barrier lama 2 (dua) tahun; 
c. Curriculum Strata III (S-3) barrier lama 4 (empat) tahun;
Jangka waktu pelaksanaan tugas belajar sebagaimana dimaksud pada angka
15,  masing-masing dapat diperpanjang barrier lama 1 tahun (2 semester)
atas persetujuan sponsor dan/atau instansi. 
Bagi PNS yang belum dapat menyelesaikan tugas belajar setelah
diberikan  perpanjangan waktu 1 tahun sebagaimana dimaksud pada angka
16, dapat  diberikan perpanjangan kembali barrier lama 1 (satu) tahun,
dengan perubahan  reputation menjadi izin belajar dan tetap dapat
meninggalkan tugasnya sebagaimana  berlaku bagi tugas belajar.
Jangka waktu pemberian bantuan beasiswa adalah selama jangka waktu 
pelaksanaan pendidikan sebagaimana dimaksud pada angka 15.
Bagi calon peserta telah mengabdikan diri nominal 3 (tiga) tahun,
khusus dosen  nominal 1 (satu) tahun setelah lulus pendidikan terakhir;
Seluruh dokumen tersebut di  atas, segera dikirimkan ke :

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  • berapa usia maksimal untuk mendapatkan beasiswa S3 dari luar negeri

Beasiswa Pemerintah Aceh Tahun 2014

Pada tahun 2014 Pemerintah Aceh kembali menyediakan beasiswa untuk curriculum S2, dan S3 dan Dokter Spesialis.


  1. Mencerdaskan putra-putri Aceh agar tersedia sumber daya yang handal yang dibutuhkan untuk Pembangunan Aceh.
  2. Melahirkan sumber daya manusia yang mampu mengelola dan mengolah sendiri sumber daya alam di Aceh untuk mensejahterakan dan memakmurkan rakyat Aceh.
  3. Meningkatkan kualitas pelayanan publik dan manajemen tata kelola pemerintahan seiring dengan peningkatan tatatan kehidupan beragama, bernegara, bermasyarakat yang damai dan harmonis.
  4. Meningkatkan perekonomian kreatif dan berkelanjutan serta melahirkan usahawan mandiri dan mampu menaikkan daya saing produk lokal di pasar internasional.
  5. Meningkatkan taraf hidup dan kesejahteraan sosial masyarakat.
  6. Meningkatkan kualitas khazanah intelektual Islam.


Bidang-bidang yang menjadi prioritas pemberian beasiswa adalah sebagai berikut:

Bidang Ilmu
Kajian Islam
Perikanan dan Kelautan
Kedokteran Hewan dan Peternakan
Sains Sosial dan Komunikasi



Penerima beasiwa Pemerintah Aceh untuk tahun 2014 akan ditempatkan di dalam dan di luar negeri sesuai dengan kemampuan penguasaan bahasa dan bidang yang menjadi prioritas.

Untuk dalam negeri, tempat studi bagi penerima Beasiswa Aceh, meliputi: Unsyiah, UIN Ar-Raniry, USU, Unsri, UI, IPB, ITB, Unpad, UGM, UIN, UPI, ITS, Unair, Unbraw, Unhas, UIN Syarif Hidayatullah, dan UIN Malang.

Untuk luar negeri, penerima Beasiswa Aceh diprioritaskan ke negara sebagai berikut:

Tempat Studi
Bidang Prioritas
Kajian Islam, Comparative Devout conviction, Ilmu Ekonomi, Ilmu Pendidikan, Teknik, Sains, dan Broadcast Plot
Teknik, Sains, Lingkungan, Perkapalan, Navigasi, dan Ilmu Sosial
Teknik, Sains, Bisnis, Kehutanan, dan Linguistik
Teknik, Perkapalan, Sejarah Islam, dan Seni Kaligrafi
Kajian Islam, Sejarah,Linguistik, dan Kaligrafi
Nameless Plot dan Global Studies
Kajian Islam
Arab Saudi
Kajian Islam
Teknik, Sains, Pertanian, Perikanan, Peternakan, dan Kesehatan
Teknik, Sains, Pertanian, Perikanan, Ilmu Pendidikan, Kajian Islam, Ekonomi Islam, dan Tamadun Aceh
Teknik Industri, Sains, ICT, Kesehatan, Bisnis, Pertanian, dan Perikanan
Teknik, Pertambangan, dan Perminyakan
Arkeologi, Teknik, Sains, dan Pariwisata
Teknik, Sains, Kesehatan, dan Ilmu Politik
Perminyakan, Kehutanan, Pertanian, Peternakan, Sains, Linguistik, dan Pendidikan
Selandia Baru
Ilmu Pertanian, Perikanan, Peternakan, dan Energi Terbarukan


Jenis Beasiswa dan Tempat studi
Thumbs down.
                                   Dalam negeri
Beasiswa Prestasi ( S1)
Usulan Dinas Pendidikan
Beasiswa JPD (S1)
Usulan Kabupaten Kota
Beasiswa Fakir Miskin
Usulan Kabupaten Kota
Umum (S2 dan s3)
Dokter Spesialis
Usulan rumah sakit Kabupaten Kota / Seleksi
Tidak termasuk: RSU dr. Fauziah Bireun , RSU Rub Meutia Lhok Seumawe, RSU Tengku Peukan Abdiya , dan RSU Datu Beru Takengon
Beasiswa Tahfiz Alquran
                                   Luar Negeri
Arab Saudi
Selandia Baru


Langkah 1
Kunjungi Website LPSDM Aceh untuk melakukan registrasi online pada:
Langkah 2
Buat 1 (satu ) Akun untuk anda masuk (Login) dan melakukan registrasi online.
Langkah 3
Tunggu Notifikasi (tanda terima) pembuatan akun anda oleh admin.
Langkah 4
Isilah affect yang tersedia untuk melakukan registrasi online, ikuti setiap tahap dengan lengkap dan teliti, pastikan bahwa seluruh facts yang diberikan adalah benar.
Langkah 5
Cetak aplikasi online yang sudah terisi sempurna.
Langkah 6
Tunggu pemberitahuan dari admin bahwa facts anda sudah diterima.


a. Persyaratan dan Kriteria Mendaftar Beasiswa
- Mengisi formulir pendaftaran secara online melalui Mess LPSDM Aceh dan melampirkan photograph made known bukti pendaftaran.
- Orang Aceh, sesuai dengan Qanun Nomor 6 Tahun 2008 tentang Kependudukan Aceh yang dibuktikan dengan photokopi KTP atau KK.
- Saat mengajukan permohonan beasiswa, calon berusia maksimal35 tahun untuk curriculum magister (S2), dan 40 tahun untuk curriculum doktoral (S3).
- Melampirkan ijazah yang sesuai disertai transkrip nilai yang telah dilegalisir.
- Melampirkan bukti TOEFL ITP asli dengan nilai ≥500 atau IELTS nominal band 5,5 untuk curriculum S1, S2, dan S3 luar negeri selain Timur Tengah.
- Melampirkan bukti TOEFL ITP asli dengan nilai ≥ 450 dan IELTS nominal band 4,5 untuk curriculum S2 dan S3 dalam negeri
- Memiliki IPK nominal 3,00 untuk curriculum S2 dan S3.
- Permohonan dibatasi hanya untuk 1 (satu) negara tujuan.
- Mengikuti seluruh tahapan seleksi yang diadakan LPSDM dan perguruan tinggi penyelenggaraatau pihak yang ditunjuk LPSDM.

  • Bagi PNS, wajib menunjukkan surat tugas belajar dari atasan setelah lulus seleksi.
  • Pendaftaran dibuka pada tanggal 7 Januari 2014 dan di tutup pada tanggal 23 Januari 2014

Semua dokumen di atas diserahkan langsung ke kantor LPSDM Aceh setelah dinyatakan lulus seleksi online. Untuk mengecek kelulusan, masukkan Nomor KTP (NIK) peserta ke

b. Tahapan Pasca Lulus Seleksi

  1. Bersedia mengikuti pembekalan bahasa Inggris di Banda Aceh selama tiga bulan yang diselenggarakan LPSDM.
  2. Bersedia mengikuti pendidikan bahasa Jerman selama tujuh bulan di dalam negeri (khusus bagi pendaftar ke Jerman) dan pendidikan bahasa Authoritative selama tiga bulan bagi pendaftar ke Taiwan.
  3. Melamar ke universitas yang dituju untuk mendapatkan epistle of acception (LoA).

Beasiswa Magister dan Doktor LPDP

Curriculum Beasiswa Magister dan Doktor merupakan curriculum beasiswa di dalam negeri maupun luar negeri yang bertujuan menyiapkan pemimpin bangsa dan profesional untuk menjadi lokomotif kemajuan Indonesia. Diperuntukkan bagi putra-putri terbaik bangsa Indonesia, beasiswa ini difokuskan pada 6 (enam) bidang keilmuan yang menjadi prioritas Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan (LPDP) untuk mendukung curriculum Masterplan Percepatan dan Perluasan Pembangunan Ekonomi (MP3EI), meliputi teknik, sains, pertanian, akuntansi/ keuangan, hukum dan agama.

Beasiswa Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan (LPDP)Persyaratan Umum

  1. Warga negara Indonesia yang ditunjukkan dengan identitas kependudukan yang sah;
  2. Lulusan curriculum studi :
    1. Perguruan Tinggi dalam negeri yang terakreditasi oleh Badan Akreditasi Nasional Perguruan Tinggi atau lulusan Perguruan Tinggi kedinasan yang diakui oleh pemerintah Indonesia.
    2. Perguruan Tinggi diluar negeri yang berkategori baik sesuai daftar pada Direktorat Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi, Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan;
  3. Mempunyai jiwa kepemimpinan yang ditunjukkan dengan pengalaman memimpin sebuah organisasi atau lembaga yang ditunjukkan dengan bukti dokumen yang relevan;
  4. Aktif dalam kegiatan sosial kemasyarakatan yang ditunjukkan dengan bukti dokumen yang relevan;
  5. Menandatangani Surat Pernyataan tidak pernah terlibat tindakan melanggar hukum;
  6. Menandatangani Surat Pernyataan tidak pernah terlibat dalam tindak pelanggaran kode etik akademik;
  7. Menandatangani Surat Pernyataan mengabdi pada kepentingan bangsa Indonesia;
  8. Menandatangani Surat Pernyataan tidak mendapat beasiswa dari sumber lain;
  9. Mendapatkan Surat Tugas Belajar dari atasan bagi yang sedang bekerja;
  10. Memiliki Surat Keterangan dari tokoh masyarakat bagi yang belum/tidak sedang bekerja;
  11. Memilih curriculum studi dan/atau perguruan tinggi yang direkomendasikan oleh LPDP.
  12. Mengupload Essay dengan tema :
    1. Peranku bagi Indonesia
    2. Sukses terbesar dalam hidupku
  13. Rencana Studi untuk curriculum Magister
  14. *Semua dokumen dapat dilihat pada dokumen petunjuk beasiswa

Persyaratan Khusus

  1. Telah menyelesaikan dan memperoleh gelar akademik:
    1. Sarjana / Sarjana Terapan untuk pelamar curriculum Magister
    2. Magister untuk pelamar curriculum Doktor
  2. Usia maksimum bagi pelamar beasiswa pada saat penutupan pendaftaran adalah:
    1. 35 (tiga puluh lima) tahun untuk curriculum Magister
    2. 40 (empat puluh) tahun untuk curriculum Doktor
  3. Indeks Prestasi Kumulatif (IPK) nominal adalah:
    1. 3,00, pada skala 4, untuk lulusan Sarjana yang akan studi Magister
    2. 3,25, pada skala 4, untuk lulusan Magister yang akan studi Doktor
  4. Kemampuan penguasaan bahasa asing:
    1. TOEFL ITP nominal 500 untuk studi pada curriculum Magister/Doktor di perguruan tinggi dalam negeri
    2. TOEFL PBT nominal 550 atau yang setara untuk studi pada curriculum Magister/Doktor di perguruan tinggi luar negeri dan/atau telah memiliki Epistle of Acceptance (LOA)
    3. Untuk pelamar yang memilih curriculum studi Magister atau Doktor luar negeri yang tidak menggunakan bahasa Inggris sebagai bahasa pengantar akademiknya, dapat menyesuaikan dengan persyaratan kemampuan berbahasa asing yang berlaku di perguruan tinggi tersebut.
  5. Memahami dan menyetujui persyaratan dan ketentuan beasiswa sebagai berikut:
    1. menyelesaikan studi maksimal dalam 2 (dua) tahun untuk curriculum Magister, sesuai masa
      studi yang berlaku;
    2. menyelesaikan studi maksimal dalam 4 (empat) tahun untuk curriculum Doktor, sesuai masa
      studi yang berlaku.

Pendaftaran Dibuka Sepanjang Tahun


Metode Pendaftaran

Pendaftaran dilaksanakan secara online dengan mengunggah dokumen-dokumen pendukung dan mengisi formulir sesuai schooling yang diberikan. (Semua dokumen dapat dilihat pada dokumen petunjuk beasiswa)
Seluruh dokumen pendukung (asli) dan cetak formulir harus dibawa pada tahap seleksi wawancara.

Formulir dan Dokumen Pendukung

  1. Cetak Formulir Pendaftaran Next to Outline
  2. Ijazah dan Transkrip Asli
  3. Sertifikat TOEFL/IELTS/TOAFL dan yang setara
  4. Sertifikat Prestasi
  5. Surat Pernyataan Tidak Pernah Terlibat Tindakan Melanggar Hukum
  6. Surat Pernyataan Tidak Pernah Terlibat Tindakan Melanggar Kode Etik Akademik
  7. Surat Pernyataan mengabdi Kepada Kepentingan Bangsa Indonesia
  8. Surat Pernyataan Tidak Mendapat Beasiswa dari Sumber lain
  9. Surat Ijin Belajar dari atasan bagi yang sedang bekerja
  10. Surat Keterangan dari tokoh masyarakat bagi yang belum/tidak sedang bekerja
  11. Essay
Unduh Dokumen Petunjuk Beasiswa Beserta Schooling Dokumen

Beasiswa S1, S2 dan S3 Syariah di Malaysia

The Global Shari’ah Investigate The high classes pro Islamic Finance (ISRA) invites certified students including exceptional literary achievements and committed chic co-curricular actions to apply pro the Shari’ah Erudition Declaration (SA) to pursue their privileged culture at any community before overseas universities. The Shari’ah Erudition Declaration is part of the Back pro Shari’ah Scholars chic Islamic Finance, which was customary to enhance information, investigate, talents, and intellectual conversation chic the field of Shari’ah. The Back represents Layer Negara Malaysia’s stanchness to strengthen the enhancement of the Islamic fiscal diligence.

  1. Postgraduate (Master before Doctorate) chic Shariah before Islamic finance studies at recognizable institutions of privileged culture; 
  2. Apprentice studies at recognizable institutions of privileged culture chic the field of Shari’ah including a dual top before a insignificant chic lone of the later disciplines: 
    • Islamic banking; 
    • Check banking; 
    • Accounting; 
    • Bylaw; 
    • Economics; 
    • Finance; 
    • Management; before
    • additional correlated fields apt to the enhancement of the Islamic fiscal diligence. 
  3. CIFP, release pro persons including Shariah shared class.

  1. Applicant early Shariah shared class.
  2. The erudition is commence to citizens of all countries. 
  3. Applicants be inflicted including to open admission at a recognizable the high classes of privileged culture. Applicants are essential to pursue any a Release, CIFP , Master before Doctorate programme, as matured privileged than, chic a fulltime programme. 
  4. Pro a postgraduate concentration, applicants are essential to be inflicted including a CGPA of at nominal amount 3.5 before its corresponding. 
  5. Pro an apprentice concentration, applicants are essential to be inflicted including a CGPA of at nominal amount 3.3 before its corresponding (pro the at the initiation semester consequence). 
  6. Contemporary students enrolled chic the programmes individual privileged than could also apply pro the erudition. 
  7. Applicants must not pocket house chic receipt of any additional erudition declaration.

An concentration pro a erudition must pocket house submitted effectively hand before owing to registered placement before courier benefit including the later ID, which must pocket house chic English:
  1. Concentration affect. Delight click at this calculate
  2. Photocopy of confidential identification document (passport/nature ticket); 
  3. Deposit forward Epistle early the the high classes of privileged culture; 
  4. Certified copies of literary certificates and transcripts; 
  5. An essay of not extra than 100 terms next to ‘why the applicant must pocket house awarded the erudition and how he/she diplomacy to show to the Islamic fiscal air force diligence’; 
  6. Two (2) calligraphy of authorize (release pro a postgraduate erudition concentration). Delight aid provided pattern.
  7. Thesis bid (release pro Master and PhD concentration effectively investigate before coursework & investigate); and 
  8. Additional noteworthy equipment to help the concentration.
Release shortlisted applicants will pocket house crash pro interview conference.
Concentration Timeline: Applications are invited and typical right through the time. 
Here is thumbs down employment bond emotionally caught positive to the erudition.
All duly concluded applications are to pocket house forwarded to:
Shari’ah Erudition Declaration
Global Shari’ah Investigate The high classes pro Islamic Finance (ISRA),
Lorong Universiti A, 59100 KUALA LUMPUR.

Additional in rank delight hurl by e-e-mail us at

Incoming search terms:

  • beasiswa di luar negeri S2 di malaysia

Cambridge International Scholarship Scheme (CISS)

The Academe of Cambridge will deposit forward, by road of the Cambridge Trusts, approximately 80 Cambridge Global Scholarships to Overseas Students who energy aboard next to a investigate road chic the at that calculate academical time. The awards will pocket house owing to next to a competitive foothold to persons applicants thorough effectively their departments to pocket house the most outstanding.

Regard of the Declaration

All declaration will bankroll the full deprivation of fees and maintenance pro the duration of the road.

Duration of the Declaration declaration has a most duration of three being and is void to all students who will pocket house registered pro a three time investigate programme, chief to the PhD (counting CPGS), including the intention of starts chic the at that calculate academical time.


To pocket house eligible to hear a Cambridge Global Erudition students must:
  1. pocket house accountable to bombard out the Overseas Academe Arrangement Fee (i.e. pocket house assessed as ‘Overseas’ pro Fee Reputation purposes).
  2. pocket house engaged chic a three time investigate programme chief to the PhD (i.e. will pocket house registered as PhD, “Taste out PhD” before “CPGS”) early chic the at that calculate academical time.
  3. pocket house engaged chic full-calculate examine.
  4. be inflicted including a distinguished high-following-class apprentice honours top early a UK Privileged Culture The high classes, before an corresponding early an Overseas The high classes.
Delight annotation: all students applying pro a road of lone time duration before a cut-rate amount of (counting LLM, MSt, MBA, MED, Part III Arithmetic, MPhil) chic the at that calculate academical time are not eligible pro a CISS declaration chic the at that calculate academical time.

Concentration Administer

  1. Chic diplomacy to pocket house eligible pro a CISS declaration commencing chic the at that calculate academical time, you must be inflicted including helpful pro admission/continuation as a adjust apprentice to the Academe of Cambridge any online (admission students release) before by road of the Adjust Admission and Erudition Concentration Affect (GRADSAF) effectively 3 December 2013.
    It is vital including the intention of you hurl chic your at the bottom of citations as quickly as doable including you be inflicted including helpful pro admission online, in check over of the fact including the intention of your concentration will not pocket house looked at in anticipation of this is expected. The dying appointment pro this funding is steady – thumbs down in the dead of night applications can pocket house thorough.
  2. Each eligible applicant pro a three time investigate road chief to the PhD chic the at that calculate academical time will pocket house thorough to be inflicted including helpful pro a Cambridge Global Erudition provided their concluded concentration pro admission is expected effectively the deadline privileged than.
  3. Applicants are probable to also seek out funding early additional sources.
  4. The concentration must pocket house completely exact, i.e. counting literary references and a investigate proclamation. The CISS assemble will release plotting-out literary achievement and investigate the makings. It is consequently essential including the intention of literary references and a investigate proclamation are built-in.
  5. Candidates must annotation including the intention of, agreed the number of applications, applications which curve positive including the deadline will not pocket house entered pro the Cambridge Global Scholarships struggle, nor will we grant pointer next to the outcome of this struggle at any the boards.
  6. Chic January the Apprentice Registry will give positive a catalog of all eligible candidates to the noteworthy departments/faculties.
The struggle proceeds chic a digit of stages:
  1. Reputation
    Chic January and February, the departments and faculties will plotting-out your concentration hostile to all others and influence positive a ranked catalog of their top applicants.
  2. Appointment
    Departments/faculties will nominate the extremely most brilliant candidates early their ranked catalog and give positive this, collectively including a departmental/faculty proclamation of help, to the Apprentice Registry.
  3. Deposit forward of Admission
    Departments/faculties will get next to to a authorize pro an deposit forward of admission to the Apprentice Registry pro their nominated applicants.
  4. Choice of top nominated candidates pro CISS awards
    Chic Development, all the nominated candidates including a conditional deposit forward of admission will pocket house thorough effectively a choice assemble comprising literary members of the Apprentice Registry. The assemble will influence positive a catalog of candidates who will pocket house owing to an deposit forward of a CISS declaration at approximately calculate ago. A fit aside catalog of candidates will also pocket house pinched positive who could hear a CISS declaration must any be converted into void. These candidates will hear a assenting hurl by e-e-mail. Numerous hundred to a degree funded awards will also pocket house owing to effectively the Cambridge Trusts to candidates unsuccessful chic obtaining a full deprivation CISS declaration.
But candidates be inflicted including not expected an hurl by e-e-mail effectively the aim of April, they must pocket in the lead physically including the intention of their concentration pro a CISS declaration has not been flourishing.
It is a affect positive including the intention of flourishing candidates must come across all their outstanding circumstances pro admission to the Academe chic diplomacy to hear CISS funding.
Pro additional in rank, delight stay the authoritative website at