Rome Master’s scholarship at University of Kent, UK

The Academe of Kent at Rome is pleased to pocket house competent to deposit forward the
later erudition pro educated Master’s students pro the literary time
  • Faculty of Humanities’ Erudition consisting of a fee
    waiver (value £5,590) and a full maintenance yucky next to £13,590, convincing
    next to a educated Master’s programme chic the Rome suite of programmes.

  • The erudition is commence to candidates who be inflicted including been existing a house next to any of the Kent at Rome MA programmes chic Roman Description and Archaeology before Extremely ancient Description, to initiation chic September 2013.
  • Candidates must call a at the initiation-class Release’s Top chic a
    noteworthy theme, before call an corresponding non-UK qualification before a
    Master’s top at earn before distinction chic a noteworthy theme before
    corresponding effectively July 2013.
  • The erudition will pocket house awarded to outstanding applicants
    competent to exhibit a distinguished amount of literary achievement, apparent
    intellectual question and the the makings to get next to to a passionate character to
    their brilliant MA programme.
  • This erudition is commence to all full-calculate postgraduate applicants. UK, EU and overseas fee paying students are invited to apply.
How to apply
  • Candidates must get next to to a genteel concentration to examine next to an
    applicable Rome educated Master’s programme to commence their studies chic
    September 2013.
  • Candidates must at that calculate pocket house existing a house next to the lone of these programmes.
  • Candidates must also hurl a epistle of motivation, not
    exceeding 500 terms, stating why they fancy to form a junction including their brilliant Kent at
    Paris MA programme and how this fits of laughter into their longer stretch diplomacy.
  • The epistle must pocket house sent to the Literary Boss of Rome, Professor bar Laurence,

Incoming search terms:

  • BEASISWA S2 LSM 2015