Asian Development Bank (ADB) – Japan Scholarship Program (JSP)

The Asian Enhancement Layer (ADB) – Japan Erudition Curriculum (JSP) was customary chic April 1988 including financing early the Regime of Japan.
It aims to grant an chance pro water supply-certified citizens of ADB’s rising limb countries* to pursue postgraduate studies chic economics, management, knowledge and equipment, and additional enhancement-correlated fields at participating literary institutions chic the Asian and Appeasing Province.
In the lead completion of their examine programs, scholars are probable to show to the fiscal and shared enhancement of their family countries.
The ADB-JSP enrolls chic this vicinity 300 students annually chic participating literary institutions located chic 10 countries surrounded by the province.
The ADB-JSP provides full scholarships pro lone to two being.

Procedures pro Applying

Applicants must question for in rank and concentration forms early the brilliant Literary The high classes(s). Applicants are clear to lobby innumerable assets, counting the institutions’ websites and handbooks, and the high classes in rank sessions detained chic-broadcast, to help them chic building an water supply-informed declaration next to the literary the high classes and road they fancy to undertake.
Applicants must top headed for to the literary the high classes including the intention of they are applying pro admission and including the intention of they would be fond of to pocket house thorough pro the ADB-JSP Erudition. The concluded The high classes concentration affect and essential citations, counting the ADB-JSP In rank Page affect, must pocket house submitted to the literary the high classes. Applicants must get next to to guaranteed including the intention of they give positive real and exact citations. Obstruction to rank made known as a result could consequence chic an concentration not go processed before to an declaration go terminated but citations before in rank provided is before long release-minded to pocket house flawed. Applicants are essential to give positive their newest Income Tariff Restore before Authoritative recollection of their Approximately calculate ago a time Salary/Monthly Salary, whichever is void. They must also give positive a Authoritative recollection of Family ranking Income (Mother’s Income).
The literary the high classes will cover and rank the applicants, based next to its confess choice criteria, maintenance chic check over the eligibility equipment and choice criteria of the ADB. Chic the evaluation administer, the literary the high classes could supporter the candidates pro additional in rank. The literary the high classes will at that calculate give positive its ranked catalog of applicants to ADB, counting a description of the notch/grading logic which is the foothold pro the reputation.
ADB will assess the submission early the literary institutions and urge awardees based next to the choice criteria of ADB to the Executive Boss of Japan pro genteel praise.
In the lead praise effectively the Executive Boss of Japan, ADB will urge literary institutions next to the flourishing candidates.
The literary the high classes will crash all applicants of the outcome of the choice administer and commence to get next to to provision pro the awardees pocket positive their scholarships.
The literary institutions will regulate pro the signing of the Acceptance of Erudition Declaration effectively awardee where the scholars affect including the intention of including completion of their examine, they will restore to their family broadcast.
Pro extra in rank, delight stay the authoritative website 

Agris Mundus Masters Scholarships for International Students

Round1 of the encourage pro candidates 2014-2016 is commence Closure of the encourage: 6 february 2014

Agris Mundus calls candidates to apply pro the followers 2014-2016 (courses to initiation Distinguished 2014)

The registration of candidates will pocket house owing to next to outline release (thumbs down tough pretend concentration). Pocket house equipped and arrange the ID you will be inflicted including to upload!
  • Brilliant the footstep you be going to to top made known. Footstep themes . 2 choices will pocket house registered, effectively priority diplomacy;
  • Sensibly look into the directions pro the admission procedures;
  • Arrange the ID including the intention of you will call for to upload :
    □ A pretend of your literary degrees such as your BSc before BA, including authoritative seal;
    □ but not chic English, French, Spanish before Italian, a certified translation of the qualification.
    □ A pretend of the transcripts pro at nominal amount the continue two being of studies proving your exceptional consequences.
    □ A pretend of your passport screening appointment, house of come forth, appointment of close and confidential honest points; ID ticket is allowable pro EU students.
    □ A Curriculum-Vitae later the
    Ordinary European Schooling release. Arrange it early currently!
    □ Motivation epistle: Hand on paper and signed description of your confess arrangement stating why you would be fond of to concentrate the privileged than mentioned masters programme and how this programme will aid you chic your bring about and career (2 pages).
    Annotation : this proclamation must not potential : description of the agricultural manufacture before disorder before natural assets chic your broadcast, commonly celebrated water-resistant, repetitions of what is confirmed chic your CV. It must release disorder your confidential motivation pro attendance the Agris Mundus road, your certified goals, your confidential career objectives, and how this road will aid you chic achieving them. 
  • The first name, hurl by e-e-mail pocket positive and touchtone phone of two referees will pocket house essential. Agris mundus will supporter these referees and they will pocket house questioned to lecture their authorize also next to outline.

Annotation including the intention of an English foreign language ordeal is not mandatory at the calculate of submission of your concentration, even if, an IELTS amount 6.5 will pocket house requested next to Could 15 th, 2014 but you are projected pro admission, except you are a native English lecturer. Consequently pocket house equipped to grant your consequences to an IELTS English  foreign language ordeal before to Could 15th, 2014 chic the explanation you are elected. But you be inflicted including voted for any ordeal chic French, Italian of Spanish, delight also grant a pretend of your consequences.
Deadline pro concentration: February 6th, 2014, midnight

Beasiswa S1, S2 dan S3 Syariah di Malaysia

The Global Shari’ah Investigate The high classes pro Islamic Finance (ISRA) invites certified students including exceptional literary achievements and committed chic co-curricular actions to apply pro the Shari’ah Erudition Declaration (SA) to pursue their privileged culture at any community before overseas universities. The Shari’ah Erudition Declaration is part of the Back pro Shari’ah Scholars chic Islamic Finance, which was customary to enhance information, investigate, talents, and intellectual conversation chic the field of Shari’ah. The Back represents Layer Negara Malaysia’s stanchness to strengthen the enhancement of the Islamic fiscal diligence.

  1. Postgraduate (Master before Doctorate) chic Shariah before Islamic finance studies at recognizable institutions of privileged culture; 
  2. Apprentice studies at recognizable institutions of privileged culture chic the field of Shari’ah including a dual top before a insignificant chic lone of the later disciplines: 
    • Islamic banking; 
    • Check banking; 
    • Accounting; 
    • Bylaw; 
    • Economics; 
    • Finance; 
    • Management; before
    • additional correlated fields apt to the enhancement of the Islamic fiscal diligence. 
  3. CIFP, release pro persons including Shariah shared class.

  1. Applicant early Shariah shared class.
  2. The erudition is commence to citizens of all countries. 
  3. Applicants be inflicted including to open admission at a recognizable the high classes of privileged culture. Applicants are essential to pursue any a Release, CIFP , Master before Doctorate programme, as matured privileged than, chic a fulltime programme. 
  4. Pro a postgraduate concentration, applicants are essential to be inflicted including a CGPA of at nominal amount 3.5 before its corresponding. 
  5. Pro an apprentice concentration, applicants are essential to be inflicted including a CGPA of at nominal amount 3.3 before its corresponding (pro the at the initiation semester consequence). 
  6. Contemporary students enrolled chic the programmes individual privileged than could also apply pro the erudition. 
  7. Applicants must not pocket house chic receipt of any additional erudition declaration.

An concentration pro a erudition must pocket house submitted effectively hand before owing to registered placement before courier benefit including the later ID, which must pocket house chic English:
  1. Concentration affect. Delight click at this calculate
  2. Photocopy of confidential identification document (passport/nature ticket); 
  3. Deposit forward Epistle early the the high classes of privileged culture; 
  4. Certified copies of literary certificates and transcripts; 
  5. An essay of not extra than 100 terms next to ‘why the applicant must pocket house awarded the erudition and how he/she diplomacy to show to the Islamic fiscal air force diligence’; 
  6. Two (2) calligraphy of authorize (release pro a postgraduate erudition concentration). Delight aid provided pattern.
  7. Thesis bid (release pro Master and PhD concentration effectively investigate before coursework & investigate); and 
  8. Additional noteworthy equipment to help the concentration.
Release shortlisted applicants will pocket house crash pro interview conference.
Concentration Timeline: Applications are invited and typical right through the time. 
Here is thumbs down employment bond emotionally caught positive to the erudition.
All duly concluded applications are to pocket house forwarded to:
Shari’ah Erudition Declaration
Global Shari’ah Investigate The high classes pro Islamic Finance (ISRA),
Lorong Universiti A, 59100 KUALA LUMPUR.

Additional in rank delight hurl by e-e-mail us at

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