Pendaftaran Baru Beasiswa VDMS Tahun Akademik 2013



Tahun ini, teknis pendaftaran beasiswa VDMS memberikan kemudahan untuk para mahasiswa dengan mengembangkan sistem pra-registrasi online.

Beasiswa yang berasal dari Belanda ini diperuntukan untuk mahasiswa yang duduk di tahun kedua atau pada Semester III.

Adapun langkah – langkah pra-registrasi online yaitu mahasiswa diindikasikan bahwa ingin mendaftar beasiswa VDMS, menggunakan tautan Setelah membaca persyaratan dan menyetujuinya, mahasiswa akan mendapat formulir pra-registrasi (formulir A) secara otomatis.
Mahasiswa mengisi formulir tersebut, dan jika setuju dengan mengirimkan dokumen – dokumen yang diperlukan untuk dapat diterima (SKTM, bukti IPK, dll) maka dapat mengirimkan formulir pre-registrasi tersebut.

Batas waktu pengajuan beasiswa untuk tahap pertama dari pra-registrasi adalah pada 26 Maret 2013. Pendaftaran bisa dilakukan dengan mengunjungi website

Owing to this you are agreed the chance to pre-catalog.
You be inflicted including to discharge fastidious equipment to pocket house eligible pro our scholarships. You be inflicted including to:
  1. Pocket house talented, be inflicted including an IPK of at nominal amount 3.00 chic the continue anomalous semester
  2. Recommend itself early deprived (“tidak mampu”) family ranking
  3. Examine a fastidious restriction.
  4. Recommend itself early an SMA chic a fastidious province.

Our scholarships are agreed early the 2nd time owing to the 4th time, maximal 3 being (i.e. S1).
The erudition is an bonus lone, not a full accord. We bombard out an bonus examination bonus and a TOEFL bonus but your notch is extra than 500. We yield our grantees also the chance pro superfluous schooling (leadership, entrepreneurship and including the intention of)

Pre-registration steps

The pre-registration consists of two steps:
STEP ONE. Give positive your vital facts before to 26th of Development 2013. Including including the intention of calculate your pre-registration will not pocket house typical any longer.

STEP TWO. As you are elected effectively the academe/the high classes as a the makings contestant, you be inflicted including to give positive before to 30th of April bonus facts and ID:

  1. Proofs of the deprived disorder of your parents before family ranking : epistle early Lurah (SKTM), family ranking ticket (KK), before the proclamation and authorize early your academe before the high classes, including the intention of you are economically deprived, and as such typical chic the at the initiation time.
  2. Water-resistant of your IPK (> 3,0) chic the continue anomalous semester of  the contemporary time

Chic STEP ONE of the pre-registration you be inflicted including to announce including the intention of you are competent to yield positive these proofs before to the deadline agreed. But not, you can’t pocket house projected to VDMS.

Pause next to positive

Including you be inflicted including voted for STEP TWO and delivered all the essential ID, you will pocket house projected effectively the academe/the high classes pro a erudition to VDMS.

But you are typical, you will hear your accord at the aim of the at the initiation month of the extra examine time, which can pocket house July, Distinguished before September.

Your accord will pocket house compensated frankly to your layer tab.
You soothe aspire to pre-catalog? Apply Currently! At nominal amount before26th Development.

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