New Zealand – ASEAN Scholars Awards for Indonesia

The Extra Zealand-ASEAN Scholars Awards seek out to get next to to a significant character to ASEAN’s enhancement effectively as long as opportunities pro postgraduate examine (i.e. Postgraduate Qualification, Master’s top and doctorate/PhD) chic Extra Zealand.

The Extra Zealand-ASEAN Scholars Awards (NZ-AS) are part of the Extra Zealand’s authoritative enhancement help to the ASEAN province. The Agency of Nameless Supporter and Trade, owing to the Extra Zealand Boost Programme, delivers this scholarships machinate.

Below the NZ-AS machinate, positive to 178 scholarships are void to candidates early ASEAN countries, including positive to 52 void pro Indonesian applicants.

The scholarships are pro full-calculate examine (Reflect it over the scholarships refund) at lone of nine eligible Extra Zealand institutions. Reflect it over the catalog of eligible Extra Zealand culture institutions

Who can apply?
Persons who come across the later profile could apply pro the NZ-AS scholarships:

Early the broadcast before confidential sector;
Including a projected field of examine chic help of sustainable fiscal enhancement ,as the basic focus of the Extra Zealand Boost Programme, primarily emergent, renewable energy (Geothermal) and catastrophe expose management;
Passionate candidates early all areas will pocket house thorough, primarily candidates who can exhibit leadership feature and the makings pro possibility leadership;
If at all possible pocket house below 40 being of get next to to grown-positive at the calculate of concentration pro Masters and below 45 being of get next to to grown-positive at the calculate of concentration pro PhD
Persons including bring about experiences chic a field noteworthy to their projected road of postgraduate examine, and can exhibit a relation between their before field of examine and their projected field of postgraduate examine.

Applicants must also come across the all-function eligibility criteria outlined chic the ASEAN Scholarships below Indonesia Broadcast Choice (emotionally caught positive privileged than).

Extra Zealand EmbassyTargeted Candidates

Broadcast early Eastern Indonesia (West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, North Maluku, Papua and West Papua);
Persons prioritised who are early the Ministries of Emergent, Forestry, Masonry Assets and Energy, Marine Assets and Fisheries, (counting noteworthy investigate institutions below persons Ministries); Background; Visiting the attractions; Culture, Nameless Supporter, Inhabitant Control, Inhabitant Furnish pro Schooling and Enhancement and Agency of Defence (civilian officials).
Extra Zealand-ASEAN Scholars Awards Concentration Affect


22 April 2014: Applications awaited
September/October: Fleeting-plotted candidates interviewed and IELTS tests administered, but essential
November/December: Flourishing candidates water supply-informed
January 2015: Pre-departure English foreign language schooling commences
Janaury 2015: Pre -departure interview
Pro additional in rank and to give positive an concentration delight supporter PT Austraining Nusantara (PTAN), the administration benefit benefit fund pro Extra Zealand-ASEAN Scholars Awards chic Indonesia:

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