Info Beasiswa untuk Guru SMP/SMA di International Leaders in Education Program (ILEP), American Indonesian Exchange Foundation, USA

The Global Leaders chic Culture Curriculum (ILEP) is a curriculum of the Chest of drawers of Culture and Cultural Supporter of the U.S. Sphere of Disorder, and is implemented effectively IREX (the Global Investigate & Exchanges Infiltrate), a Washington, DC based non-profit establishment.

ILEP will consist of a semester-lingering literary curriculum at a U.S. academe, counting coursework and intensive schooling chic instruction methodologies, example schooling, instruction strategies pro their family background, instructor leadership, as water supply as the aid of computers pro internet, speech dispensation and as tools pro instruction.

The semester-lingering curriculum, which will commence chic January 2013 and conclude chic Could 2013, will also contain an position at a lesser lecture to engage participants actively including the American teachers and students.

The Club provides:

A pre-departure orientation detained chic Indonesia
Around-dive airfare to and surrounded by the U.S.
A Salutation Orientation chic Washington, DC
Literary curriculum fees
Housing (commonly mutual including additional curriculum fellows)
Manufacturing accident and queasiness indemnity
A calculate after calculate allowance pro meals and incidentals all owing to the academe literary curriculum
A mainframe pad
tome/certified enhancement allowance
A Dying Colloquium chic Washington, DC
surplus bagage/shipping allowance
The chance to apply pro collaborrative grants including U.S. colleagues

Eligible applicants must:

Pocket house lesser-amount (SMP/SMA before corresponding), full-calculate teachers chic disciplines counting: English as a Nameless Foreign language, Shared Studies, Civics, Arithmetic before Sciences.
5 being before extra of instruction encounter.
Pocket house inhabitant of Indonesia
Pocket house dexterous chic on paper and oral English including a nominal ITP TOEFL notch of 500 before IELTS 5.0 before IBT TOEFL notch of 60/61. Delight annotation including the intention of TOEFL prediction before TOEFL-be fond of notch cannot pocket house typical.
Candidates must exact the apt concentration forms which can pocket house downloaded not extra than. Applicant must give positive the first concentration and four exact copies (pro a total of five (5) copies). All pretend of the concentration must pocket house submitted chic the later diplomacy:

Concentration affect
Curriculum Vitae
a plainly on paper and concise lone leaf Proclamation of Function
Concluded authorize affect and epistle as water supply as concluded the high classes help affect, and
A pretend of your ID ticket (KTP before passport)
Annotation: All exact concentration must preview be fond of peas chic a bombard and pocket house stapled. Thumbs down additional affect of strip is honest.

Delight annotation including the intention of we rank made known not acknowledge hurl by e-e-mail applications. Tough copies must pocket house sent before delivered to the later pocket positive:

CIMB NIAGA Mall, 3rd Baffle
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 25
Jakarta 12920

Point questions a propos the concentration administer could pocket house addressed by road of e-e-mail to the later pocket positive:

The deadline to give positive the exact concentration and the essential ID 15 April 2013.

Annotation: Curriculum equipment are theme to chat lacking reflect it over.

Concentration affect can pocket house download at this calculate.

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