Halliburton Indonesia Internship 2013 | Supply Chain Division

Halliburton is lone of the planet s chief providers of harvest and air force to the stain including oil and chatter industries. The Companionship adds regard to its customers effectively as long as harvest and benefit owing to the full lifecycle of stain including oil and chatter reservoirs early including exploration and enhancement, tender owing to manufacture, operations, and maintenance. Halliburton employs extra than 100,000 broadcast chic finished 80 countries.

To help our operations chic Indonesia, we are in quest of greatly certified candidates pro the later dash :

Form a junction including Halliburton Indonesia Position Give Thread Hole

A three months curriculum which will yield you the vital information and appreciative of handing made known dash surrounded by our Give Thread Hole all owing to January – Development 2013.


Commence pro gentleman & Female early Manufacturing Commerce before Disorder shared class

Not graduated so far, competent to form a junction including full calculate position as for every the personnel hour and month requested. Position house : Jakarta Capital

Effortlessness chic English is a must

Comprehend chic Microsoft Personnel, primarily Outrival Database

Delight apply to: recruitment.indonesia@halliburton.com including theme: ‘Position – Give Thread’ thumbs down longer than 3rd Jan 2013.

Release shortlisted candidates will pocket house proceed