Beasiswa Terbaru Luar Negeri, KGSP Graduate Scholarships, Cheongju University, Korea

Beasiswa Terbaru Luar Negeri, KGSP Adjust Scholarships, Cheongju Academe, Korea

Campus Go
  • All flourishing applicants will pocket house agreed a chance to be in this planet chic the dormitory. Students can brilliant their confess income seats but they top made known.
  • Positive your sheath early the dormitory personnel, administrative personnel limb of the Personnel of Int’l Supporter and Korean Foreign language teachers will pause chic the dormitory to help you.
  • Three twin place to pause are chic lone apartment construction all. You will impart the apartment construction among six students, and your roommate will pocket house a Korean apprentice.
  • Conveniences. Dormitory mess hall, communal kitchen(emancipated of payment), snack pile, convenience pile, aerobics studio.
  • Deprivation: 185,000 KRW (165 USD) for every month chic (Reduction semester of 2012)
  • Companion Curriculum. 1:1 followers including Korean students to aid your pause chic CJU and enhance your Korean foreign language and information of Korean polish.
  • Mentoring Curriculum. Students early their fixed courses will pocket house matched chic groups of 5 nameless students. A Korean apprentice will pocket house chic payment of all assemble, the acting arts as handbook pro apprentice go at CJU.
  • Korean Foreign language Curriculum Attendance. KGSP students are allowable to concentrate Korean Foreign language curriculum all owing to emancipated periods, emancipated of payment.
Vital Clarification
Eligibility pro Concentration
  1. Go on of the mill eligibility
    • All applicants must pocket house eligible pro the 2013 KGSP curriculum, and be inflicted including at nominal amount a TOPIK Amount 3 before to admittance their courses.
    • Masters’ applicants must be inflicted including an apprentice top early a 4-time academe even as Doctorate applicants must be inflicted including a Master’s top early an genteel the high classes.
  2. Essential Citations. First pretend of all ID essential effectively the NIIED pro the KGSP curriculum concentration.
  3. Choice Course of action
    • Document program and interviews will pocket house conducted pro evaluation.
    • The Hole of Arts and Sports can question for pro normal tests. All contestant will pocket house told but this is the explanation.
  • All ID must pocket house submitted effectively placement before chic nature.
  • But any flawed document before prohibited admission is exposed, admission can pocket house revoked.
  • Thumbs down ID can pocket house returned, counting unsuccessful candidates’.
  • All applicants must concentrate the interview next to the designated calculate.
  • All flourishing candidates must infiltrate the academe.
  • No matter what business not chic this document must pocket house release-minded effectively the Admission Assembly.
Detective: Prog. Administrator Jong Yoon Lim, Personnel of Global Supporter
Buzz: +82-43-229-8810
E-e-mail: /
Personnel Hours: Monday~Friday 09:00 ~ 18:00
Cheongju Academe
Pocket positive: 298 Daesung-ro, Sangdang-gu, Cheongju, Chungbuk