Beasiswa PT Astra International Tbk Indonesia 2013

Report Beasiswa Astra 2013

In check over of the fact including the intention of ahead of schedule 1974, Astra has been apprehensive including the culture sector chic Indonesia, and as loads of as 134.056 erudition curriculum has been issued effectively Astra.

As a fastidious manifestation of Astra appeal to the Indonesia’s culture sector and Astra Roadmap approach, explicitly: Choice, Broadcast & Broadcast Character. At that calculate chic each following semester chic all time, Astra gives scholarships and mentoring curriculum pro 1 time chic rising technological competencies and non-technological before gentle competencies.

The grantee will concentrate a run of actions such as :

Large-ranging personality enhancement curriculum

Donation pro examine 5 million IDR / semester

Culture opportunities chic Astra Assemble

5 million IDR pro involvement chic machinate

Owing to this curriculum students are probable to pocket house competent to admit the planet of bring about extra painstakingly and can use Astra’s associated companionship background to boost their gentle and technological competencies.

Chic the possibility, Astra will pocket positive again to enlarge the mentoring curriculum to students as a result they are equipped to show optimally to the organizations everywhere they bring about and be converted into the certified at that calculate age assemble.


Apprentice apprentice next to your 3rd – 7th semester

Achieved nominal GPA of 3.00

Actively caught positive chic governmental actions

Enrolled at the academe chic the vicinity of java

Not currently getting scholarships early others institutions / companies

Delight road sign positive at this calculate :

Stretch & Circumstances:

We release administer chic accordance including the criteria and equipment plotted

All decisions full effectively PT Astra Global Tbk correlated Astra 1st Curriculum are pledge and uninfringeable.