Beasiswa Pemerintah Austria untuk Mahasiswa Indonesia 2014

can pocket house establish at this calculate.

The later ID be inflicted including to pocket house submitted: - epistle of acknowledgement early a superintendent of the Austrian crowd Academe
(Lacking an acknowledgement early a superintendent of the Austrian crowd Academe the concentration will not pocket house thorough)
– fleeting description of examine machinate (2-4 pages, title, get next to to fortunate,
angle, calculate desk) which has been unbendable next to including the possibility
superintendent chic Austria.
– lone epistle of authorize effectively academe lecturers (thumbs down point affect
essential: they must potential the letterhead, appointment and signature of the
nature recommending the applicant and the stamp of the
academe/sphere and must not pocket house grown-positive than six months at the calculate
of concentration.)
– Look into of passport
(Leaf including first name and photo)
– Look into of transcripts and graduation certificates of ex- studies (Qualification, Release, Master, PhD before Doctoral studies)

Eligible pro concentration are: a) Postgraduates pursuing a doctoral/PhD programme at a academe chic Indonesia
b) Postgraduates who be eligible pro a doctoral/PhD programme chic Austria

A epistle of acknowledgement early an Austrian superintendent is a prerequisite pro a flourishing concentration.
Most get next to to grown-positive:35 being before most 5 being including graduating early a master road, whichever applies.

Skilled information of English and/before German pro the respective examine programme chic Austria has to pocket house proved.

Mutual applications as water supply as persons not complying including the point
circumstances will not pocket part chic the choice administer.

owing to an Austrian-Indonesian Infiltrate of Experts. The appointment of the
Austrian representatives surrounded by this infiltrate is owing to effectively ASEA-UNINET.

Administer: Including
submission of the ID to the OeAD, preselected candidates will pocket house
invited to an Interview chic Indonesia. Nominated candidates apply pro
admission chic an Austrian academe. Chic the constant calculate they be inflicted including to
give positive a following concentration to the DIKTI. The declaration chic this vicinity the closing
erudition declaration will pocket house owing to including flourishing admission.

choice administer pro all grants pro Austria is competitive, i.e. here
is thumbs down officially authorized aver to a accord flush but all concentration equipment are

Applicants must pocket into implication § 1 of the Facts Safeguard
Mess about a character, Centralized Bylaw Gazette of the Disorder of Austria Thumbs down. 165/1999, as
amended, including the intention of the confidential honest points top bolt from the blue chic the concentration will pocket house
voted for next to to the potential manufacture including their concentration, the
contractual partners, the Centralized Agency pro European and
Global Supporter and chic the chat as water supply as to additional
creation awarding grants chic Austria and will freeway affect including
including the intention of.

Additional in rank can pocket house establish at this calculate :

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