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The Chevron MSc Subsea Commerce Erudition – The Academe of Aberdeen UK

Concise Description

Chevron North Sea Top bolt from the blue is a UK subsidiary of Chevron Corporation. Chevron is lone of the planet’s chief integrated energy companies and conducts affair worldwide. They are caught positive chic effectively each feature of the energy diligence.

Chevron North Sea Ltd. is donation lone MSc Subsea Commerce Erudition.

Examine Amount: Educated Postgraduate

Broadcast: All countries

Theme: Commerce


The erudition is commence to all students wishing to commence the full-calculate MSc chic Subsea Commerce chic September 2013.

The erudition is valued at £14,515 pro the lone time duration of the MSc chic Subsea Commerce top road.

Facial appearance of The Chevron Erudition Programme commence to Chevron Scholars:

– Fiscal help as fussy privileged than

– Reflect it over of position opportunities including Chevron

– Mentoring


To pocket house thorough pro the Chevron MSc Subsea Commerce Erudition you will call for to call an deposit forward of a house next to the MSc chic Subsea Commerce top at the Academe of Aberdeen early chic September 2013. To pocket house awarded the erudition you must steadily acknowledge an total deposit forward of a house next to the MSc chic Subsea Commerce at the Academe of Aberdeen.

All students assembly the criteria privileged than, in any case of flash before fee reputation, are eligible to apply pro the Chevron MSc Subsea Commerce Erudition.


The erudition will pocket house awarded next to the foothold of literary earn and revelation of confidential characteristics (reflect it over Guidelines not extra than pro additional honest points).

Concentration Course of action

Exact the concentration affect (reflect it over not extra than), and hurl it collectively including a CV and your allusion to:

Adjust Lecture Admissions Element, The high classes of Corporal Sciences, Academe of Aberdeen, Fraser high-class Construction, Ruler’s The high classes, Aberdeen, AB24 3UE, Scotland, before hurl by e-e-mail to

Deadline: 2nd of Distinguished 2013

Additional Report

But you be inflicted including any queries not answered effectively the guidelines not extra than, delight supporter us at before effectively telephoning +44 (0) 1224 272515.

You will pocket house told whether before not your concentration has been flourishing effectively placement at the correspondence pocket positive next to your concentration affect effectively 23 Distinguished 2013. But your concentration has been flourishing the declaration will pocket house theme to your admission to the Academe.

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