Beasiswa Asean 2013 Program S2 S3 Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Beasiswa terbaru S2 S3 – Erudition Curriculum chic Chulalongkorn Academe pro ASEAN Countries

Stretch of Scholarships :

Doctoral top erudition

Three being (early early June 2013)

Master’s top erudition

Two being (early early June 2013)

Provisions of the Scholarships :

The scholarships will pocket chic the later :

1. An disorder class around-dive ticket to and early designated focal top cities before principal cities (lacking domestic airfare including chic cooperation at that calculate countries and Thailand.) Travelling expenses incurred additional than air tickets will pocket house borne effectively recipients.

2. Schooling Fees

3. Yucky and accommodation chic the amount of 16,000 baht/month.

Eligibility of Applicants :

1. Applicants must restore to lecture/bring about at their family counties including graduation early Chulalongkorn Academe.

2. Applicants must be inflicted including concluded Release’s Degrees before Master’s Degrees as apt chic correlated fields.

3. Applicants must be inflicted including a grade top norm pro the newest semester before to applying of not decrease than 2.75 pro apprentice, and not decrease than 3.25 pro postgraduate.

4. Applicants’ get next to to grown-positive must pocket house a cut-rate amount of than 35.

5. Applicants must be inflicted including a skilled mandate of English. A nominal TOEFL notch of 500 before 173 Pad-based before IELTS notch of 5.0 is essential. (Apart early the applicants including erudition)

6. Applicants must pocket house chic skilled affect.

7. Applicants must not pocket house recipients of additional types of scholarships.

ID Essential pro Concentration :

1. Concluded concentration affect including a 3 cm x 4 cm mass photograph.

2. Curriculum Vitae

3. Certificate of Graduation

4. Transcript of Literary Confirmation of the continue culture the high classes attended.

5. Photocopy of passport.

6. Two authorize calligraphy early the Have control finished, the Boss, the Dean which the applicant belongs.

7. Corporal examination certificate early a sickbay chic candidates’ family countries.

Concentration Procedures :

Candidates must hurl the concluded concentration affect and noteworthy ID frankly to the faculty/curriculum of their extent. The deadline to acknowledge concentration is February 3, 2013.

Concentration affect :

Concentration affect can pocket house obtained early the website at :

Fund: over&id=969&Itemid=2

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